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Espen Auberg

Partner, Advokatfirmaet Nova DA

Espen is a Norwegian attorney-at-law who specializes in sports law and football law. Espen joined the Norwegian Football Association as legal director and attorney-at-law in 2011. As from 2021 he is partner and Head of Sports law in Nova Law. Espen is a member of the UEFA Legal Committee, and president of the Norwegian Sports Law Association. Espen has been on the list of arbitrators at the Court of Arbitration for Sport since 2019 and has since arbitrated numerous cases as a part of a panel and as a Sole Arbitrator.

Since 2011 Espen has been working exclusively with sports law and football law. Espen has spent more than ten years in the football industry and has gained substantial experience in football related arbitration, litigation and dispute resolution, involving clubs, players, managers,agents/intermediaries and other football stakeholders.

Over the years Espen Auberg has been involved in a large number of national and international disciplinary cases, such as on-field incidents and alleged breaches of transfer regulations and disciplinary regulations, involving clubs, players, managers, coaches and international associations such as UEFA and FIFA.

Espen is certified as mediator by the Norwegian Bar Association and offers mediation primarily in sports related disputes.

SLAM 2022 Judge - Arbitrator, SLAM 2023 Judge - Arbitrator