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Efraim Barak

Efraim Barak was born in Argentina (1957) but lives most of his life (since 1964) in Israel, where he grew and was educated. He completed his law degree in the Tel Aviv University in 1987. On same year he became member of the Israeli BAR. Efraim is also an Honorary Member of the BAR of Buenos Aires.

Until 31/12/2017 he was the Senior Partner at D.Mirkin & Co. and was the founder & the head of the Sport law department in that firm.  

On 2018, he established his own firm, Efraim Barak Sport Law & Consultancy, to deal exclusively with sports law and institutional sports consultancy, with a special focus on international sports law.

He has practiced sports law for more than 25 years and has substantial practical experience in advising and representing athletes, clubs and sports organizations nationally and internationally. Since 2007, he is involved in many academic activities, including as a creator and founder of Sport Law programs and is constantly invited to speak at congresses and seminars on sports law worldwide. 

As a CAS arbitrator since 2005, he has been appointed (until the end of 2022) to deal with more than 380 sport-related arbitrations (including as president of the panels and as sole arbitrator). Within his role as a CAS arbitrator, he has been a member and president of panels in high-profile cases, and dealt with a variety of different topics in the field of sports and sports law, such as governance and regulatory matters, commercial and employment disputes, media rights disputes, and disciplinary matters including doping cases, match-fixing cases and others.

SLAM 2023 Judge - Arbitrator