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Anna Thorstenson

With over 13 years of experience in the sports law field, Anna has extensive cross border legal background from both the sport community and from a top tier Swiss law firm. Working in an international environment has given vast experience in the global legal climate, such as knowledge of various legal and national conditions relating to sports globally, as well as a large network of talented lawyers.

She advised a wide range of sports clients (including international and national governing bodies and organisations, public bodies, event organisers, sporting venues, clubs, sponsors, agents and individual athletes) on a variety of sports-related issues, including governance and constitutional matters, anti-doping, discipline and litigation, rules and regulations, contractual and regulatory disputes.

Anna is an experienced advocate and has appeared frequently before the Court of Arbitration for Sport and other sporting tribunals. She sat as a member of the Swedish Equestrian Disciplinary Panel for several years, she also sat as a member of the Norwegian Anti-Doping Appeal Panel, hearing on-field disciplinary cases, anti-doping cases and competition appeals.

In 2016 Anna joined the Fédération Internationale Equestre (FEI) as Legal Counsel.

In 2022, Anna was elected top 5 of Sweden’s most influential equestrian women for her persistent work against horse abuse and doping in equestrian sport.

Anna competed at high level in equestrian show jumping and in freeride skiing.

SLAM 2023 Judge - Advocate