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Claude Ramoni

Claude Ramoni has been a founding partner of Libra Law since 2009. He is a lawyer at the bar of the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland), whose specialties are representation and advice in the fields of sports and business law, benefiting from nearly twenty years of experience in these fields.

He advises and represents clients in the field of sport, such as national and international federations, clubs and athletes in various fields, in particular with regard to doping. He regularly acts as counsel before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the legal bodies of sports federations or Swiss state courts, including the Federal Court. In addition, he advises companies in their commercial activities; he regularly carries out various merger-acquisition transactions; he is particularly active in advising companies or entities active in biotech and in the field of health.

Claude Ramoni is also on the board of directors of various start-ups, while being a member of the UEFA Appeal Committee.

SLAM 2023 Judge - Advocate