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Jarrett Huang

Jarret Huang, Lecturer in Law at Trinity College, University of Oxford

Jarret is a Lecturer in Law at Trinity College, University of Oxford. He is concurrently a Non-stipendiary Lecturer at The Queen’s College, Oxford. He will be joining One Essex Court in Q4 2023. 

Jarret has several years of legal experience working in Singapore, including as State Counsel for several arbitrations and arbitration-linked matters, and as a Deputy Public Prosecutor prosecuting a whole gamut of serious offences. Jarret has particular expertise in fraud (both civil and criminal), and, in the context of sports law, has dealt with syndicated sports fraud and sports gambling-related offences. 

Jarret is also experienced in investor-state and treaty arbitration, and previously assisted the Chief Justice of Singapore on a speech covering investor-state disputes while serving as a law clerk to the Supreme Court of Singapore. 

SLAM 2023 Judge - Advocate