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Liability for discriminatory remarks: lessons from Romania

Published 19 July 2013 | Authored by: John Murphy

Homosexuality in sport is currently a high-profile topic in the USA and UK. NBA veteran Jason Collins has become the first openly gay US athlete after ‘coming out’ in an interview with Sports Illustrated magazine in April 2013. In the UK, in February 2013, the former Leeds FC footballer, American Robbie Rogers, announced he was homosexual.  Other forms of discrimination, notably racism, are now being put under the spotlight with the Football Association and UEFA announcing proposals for minimum bans for players found guilty of racism. 

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About the Author

John Murphy

John Murphy

John Murphy is a Senior Solicitor in the Employment team at Plexus Law, part of the Parabis Group. He has advised a number of professional sports clubs and businesses, including football and rugby clubs both at professional and non-league level, concerning employment and regulatory matters, including player-related matters and safeguarding issues. He is a qualified rugby referee.

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