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GLMS June 2021 Newsletter


Welcome to our June 2021 Newsletter!


Message from the President

Dear all,

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all GLMS Executive Committee members elected two years ago while coming to the end of the two-year mandate for the enthusiasm, passion and competence shown throughout the term. GLMS Executive Committee effort during the last 15 months while in the midst of unparalleled crisis has been simply outstanding ! Thanks also to our solid governance during the recent difficult times, our Association has been able to address changing needs and renewed threats effectively. The decision to focus on competences when electing/appointing a GLMS Executive member with clear responsibilities and accountability has definitely paid off.

We were delighted to work with the University of Lausanne producing valuable contents for their Regulation of Global Sport course. GLMS has also become a partner of the E-sports law series of the Berkeley Global Society Institute of Entertainment and Sport in the US. We will continue to create awareness, develop educational programs and a culture of Integrity and Social Responsibility investing in projects linked to Academic Institutions through strategic research studies and partnerships with the academic world . We are also continuing to work with our partner projects involved in tackling sports manipulations notably Integrisport Next (for law enforcement) and Integriball (for football federations).

As seasonal sport competitions came to an end, and in particular with the disruptions caused by the pandemic, our Operations team has focused on the last matches monitoring sports events and team motivations. The Tennis season is reaching its highpoint and we have been very busy monitoring the increasing trend of suspicious cases while E-Sports competitions continue to be under the “magnifying lenses” of our Integrity Hubs. During the month of June, on top of the existing scheduled sport events, our monitoring activities will be concentrating on two major tournaments : the EUFA Football European Championships and the CONMEBOL Copa America.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to continue to stay vigilant and strong despite the lightening of anti-Covid measures, and the reduction in the virus circulation.

Yours in Integrity,


Ludovico Calvi


GLMS President


For the latest updates:





GLMS participates in Council of Europe EPAS' Sport and Human Rights Forum

The EPAS Division, following the meeting of the Committee of Ministers for sport, organised a forum on sport and human rights on 1 June 2021 addressing human rights issues and sport in various topics: access to justice, media rights, data protection, migrant athletes, at which GLMS was present, in its status as an observer to the Macolin Convention.

The question of sport and human rights is high on the priority list of the international sports policy agenda, including that of the sports movement.

"All rights enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights may, in one way or another, be at stake in the context of sport. The examples of human rights issues in sport are numerous, whether related to doping and manipulation of sports competitions, to the training and working conditions of athletes, to interference with people’s private life as well as violations linked to inter-personal violence, or to discrimination and abuse within the practice of sport.

Since sport is mostly organised in an autonomous way by private organisations enjoying the freedom of association, national and international jurisdictions rarely intervene in sport cases. This does not mean, however, that there are not questions to be asked, particularly when it comes to human rights issues in sport, from racism and discrimination, to economic and social rights, to the right to fair trial, among many others." - EPAS

Read more here <>

GLMS partner project Integrisport ERASMUS+ releases joint statement with institutional and law enforcement partners

While the ERASMUS+ project, Integrisport <>, coordinated by CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity <>, came to and end in March 2021, training law enforcement and judiciary on effectively tackling sports manipulations, the project institutional and national law enforcement agencies showed their support for the topic with a Joint Statement.


The IntegriSport Erasmus+ project (2019-2020) came to an end with its closing event organized by project co-ordination, CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, on Wednesday 10th March, on the topic of sports manipulations and criminal activities impacting sports.




The statement, signed by the partners, including law enforcement from Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal and Slovak Republic, as well as the Dutch Ministry of Security, FINCIS,  the Lithuanian Sport Centre, Aix-Marseille University, EU Athletes and of course, GLMS, reiterated the importance to actively confront theats related to the manipulation fo sports competitions in a coordinated manner.


The follow up project, Integrisport Next has kicked off successfully, currently in its fact finding phase and involved law enforcement and relevant authorities from Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Malta, Sweden, Finland as well as KU Leuven and FIFPro.

Read the statement here <>

Operational Update

10 matches alerted to Partners in May 2021

GLMS Operations’ team distributed alerts on 7 matches to Partners in May 2021. Other than that, 1 analysis-report was developed upon request of members and partners.

For further information on the GLMS monitoring work, please contact us <mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?subject=Question%20on%20monitoring%20from%20xxx>.

GLMS Members: The monthly detailed monitoring report and policy update has been sent to your inboxes! Please Contact us if you have any issues!


GLMS contributes to University of Lausanne course on Regulation of Global Sport

18 May 2021. The GLMS team last month contributed to the prestigious Regulation of Global Sport course run by the University of Lausanne each year.

Domestic (hard) laws are to be considered alongside transnational sporting rules (soft laws). Challenges of global sport such as integrity, credibility and sustainability require the close cooperation of many stakeholders: national and international sports organisations, the local, national and international public sector, NGOs, and commercial entities (sponsors, broadcasters, network providers, event organisers). The ecosystem of global sport is more and more complex and requires a good understanding of its legal and geopolitical dimensions, as well as the multi-faceted challenges it faces. Sport regulation has, of course, a legal dimension but also social, economic and political dimensions which are analysed in the course (SELP model).

This new certificate is organised around three consecutive modules/weeks of blended learning, each under the responsibility of one of the schools of the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration of the University of Lausanne: The ecosystem of global sport; Laws of global sport and Challenges in global sport.

Under a module dedicated to match-fixing and relevant laws, GLMS participated with its experiences in sports organizations, sports betting and sports law, including President Ludovico Calvi, General Secretary Giancarlo Sergi and Legal and projects manager, Cassandra Fernandes.


“Thanks to GLMS speakers, we have been able to provide a solid insight around the issue of match-fixing and its global regulation”.  Stefano Caneppele, Scientififc Committee member

Read more here <>


Legal Corner

GLMS is a partner of the E-sports law series <> of the Berkeley Global Society Institute of Entertainment and Sport. BGS is is a nonprofit, educational network of legal professionals who received all or part of their legal education at the University of California, Berkeley. BGS is an international organization with a direct presence in 90 countries. The purpose of BGS is to unlock intelligence and human capital. CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity is also a partner of the series.


The first events took place on 27-28 May 2021, involving GLMS Legal and projects manager, Cassandra Fernandes and E-sports advisor at GLMS' Moroccan member, La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports, Khalid Naili, together with lawyers and professional players in the industry from around the world (including IESF, University of Aix-Marseille Centre for Sports Law, Emirates E-Sports Association). The next webinar is on 10 June 6pm CET, discussion Arbitration as a possible solution to E-sport dispute resolution. More here <>.




GLMS' legal and projects manager, Cassandra Fernandes, was part of the Law In Sport Football Law Conference <>on a panel on 17 May 2021 discussing corruption issues and law in football with Kevin Carpenter, Senior lecturer in sports law at Manchester Metropolitan University and Christina Philippou, Director of Postgrad Curriculum at Portsmouth University.  The session was moderated by Law In Sport CEO, Sean Cottrell. LawInSport is a knowledge hub and global community that provides expert analysis and commentary on the latest legal developments in sport.


Other updates:

The most recent case addresses Freedom of expression (art. 10 European Convention on Human Rights) - Sedat Doğan v. Turkey, Naki et Amed Sportif Faaliyetler Kulübü Derneği v.European Court of Human Rights. <>Latest update of sport and human rights judgments from the Turkey and Ibrahim Tokmak v. Turkey.


BCLC calls for Senate to pass single-event sports betting bill <> before summer break



GLMS Collective member European Lotteries project for mental well-being in sport

On 28 April ENGSO and the project partners hosted a webinar entitled “Sport and Mental Well-being”. The webinar acted as a platform for discussing mental well-being with high level sport stakeholders in Europe, especially in the context of the current health crisis.


As a supporting partner of the ENGSO-led SPIRT project, EL advocates for the important role of sport in society and supports the project goal to develop a framework for humane, inclusive and empowering coaching and sport clubs that nurture mental well-being.

Read more here <>


Lotteries in society - GLMS Swiss member Loterie Romande continues to contribute to society


On 28th May, Loterie Romande’s General Assembly approved the company’s 2020 operating accounts. In 2020, gross gaming revenues (GGR), i.e. the amount of money staked less winnings paid out to players, totalled CHF 374 million.


Even though sections of its sales network were totally shut down for several months and having faced the same issues as many professionals, due to COVID-19, Loterie Romande will be distributing CHF 224.7 million for public-interest projects, on a par with the figure for the previous year.


Loterie Romande, like all of GLMS' primary members - lotteries, engages substantial resources for the benefit pf public interest associations and entities.


WLA reports that after distributing a sum of CHF 11.1 million to national sports bodies (Swiss Olympic; Swiss Football Association; national football and ice-hockey leagues) and a further CHF 3 million to the Swiss horse-racing federation [Fédération suisse de course de chevaux (FSC)], the bulk of the profits, some CHF 179.7 million, will make it feasible to allocate funding to a whole host of projects in the areas of social action, culture, education, research, heritage and the environment in Switzerland’s French-speaking region. A sizeable slice of the profits, some CHF 30.9 million, is set to be paid out to amateur and grassroots sport (infrastructure, up-and-coming sporting talent, local events).


Read more here <>


GLMS associate supplier member Intralot empowering lotteries


GLMS' associate member, Intralot is supporting the modernization of our Dutch member, with its subsidiary in The Netherlands INTRALOT BENELUX BV, in co-operation with the Nederlandse Loterij, having completed the transition of the operator’s full gaming portfolio enabled by the innovative LotosX platform. Read here.


Read more about it posted by our collective member WLA <>




GLMS is a proud partner of a number of relevant projects in the field of sport integrity


Integriball <>  is currently providing education seminars for youth and women football players across the football federations of Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta and Cyprus. The presentations were prepared with the federations, experts and GLMS.


Integrisport Next <> is a next phase project run by CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, with GLMS as a partner, following on from Integrisport and will run from Jan 2021 until Dec 2022, involving law enforcement and judiciary from Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Malta and Sweden. We are currently in the fact finding phase speaking to relevant stakeholders to prepare the implementation phase.


KCOOS+ <> is implementing the tools developed within the framework of the Network of National Platforms (Group of Copenhagen - the Global football alerts analysis workshop will assess its results on 12 February 2021.


GLMS has been contributing to the desk development of all projects and also has some interesting new prospects in the pipeline!


Macolin Convention


The second Follow-up committee meeting of the States Parties to the Convention will take place via videostream, due to COVID-19 on 23-24 June 2021. GLMS shall be an observer to the meeting.


We also take the opportunity to warmly welcome the new Secretary to the Convention, Sophie Kwasny, lawyer and former head of the CoE Data protection Convention (108+). Wishing her all the best!




Read More


Sports Policy Updates


Feel free to share any news you find relevant for the sport integrity network!


Sports Integrity News:


Brazil - Rio de Janeiro starts process to operate sports betting and instant lotteries




A LawInSport article published recently discusses ICC's Excluded Persons Policy: Checkmate To Manipulation In Cricket?




UEFA launches Convention on the Future of European Football - a landmark consultation process to unite European football stakeholders and strengthen the future of the game for the benefit of all.




FIFA kicks off consultation process on the future of global football. FIFA has launched a consultation process among stakeholders to reflect on the future of global football,








The EU Sport Forum will take place on 8-9 June 2021. ‘Towards a healthier, resilient and sustainable European sport’




The Working party on sport of the Council of the EU met on 17- May 2021. The focus under the Portuguese EU Presidency was on on sport diplmacy and innovation.




Contact us <mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>







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