The Regulation of Boxing

Published 01 November 2009

A History and Comparative Analysis of Policies Among American States 

A study of boxing regulations in the United States that offers an historical overview of the subject, from the earliest attempts at regulating the sport to present-day legislation that may create a national boxing commission. It also examines the disparity of regulations among states, as well as the reasons for some of these differences.

The work features interviews with boxing officials, analysts and boxers, and includes the results of a national survey of state athletic commission personnel. In-depth case studies of boxing regulations in Nevada and Kansas provide a close look at different states' methods, and Argentina's centralized system of regulation is presented as a comparison to the U.S. approach.

Author(s): Robert G. Rodriguez
List Price: £32.95
Book details for The Regulation of Boxing
Contributors: Robert G. Rodriguez (author)
Format: Paperback, 223 pp, photographs
Publication date: 15 Feb 2009
Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc
ISBN: 978078643862

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