eLearning and anti-doping - Tony Cunningham, WADA - Episode 63

Published 09 March 2018 By: Sean Cottrell

Tony Cunningham, WADA


Welcome to the LawInSport podcast!  This is a podcast for anyone who wants to better understand the current legal issues and developments from the world of sport, and find out about the personalities behind these developments. 

On this show our guest is Tony Cunningham, Senior Manager Education at the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) who provides an insight into the newly released eLearning platform, ADeL (Anti-Doping eLearning), which purpose is to serve as a central hub for all of WADA’s eLearning courses and resources.

In this podcast Tony explains why and how ADeL was created and how it fits in the the global anti-doping framework. If you are interested in anti-doping and/or education in sport then this will be of interest to you. 

This interview specifically focuses on the following questions:

[2:11] Where have you recently traveled to in your efforts to further grow global anti-doping education?

[6:40] Can you please describe what the ADeL system is, and how it came about?

[16:45] Can you speak about the role that translation plays in the ADel system and its benefits?

[35:58] How could participating in the online educational course enhance in-person training?

[37:42] What does the future hold, with ADeL now having been launched? What are the next steps for ADeL?

[39:52] If listeners would like to input into this or would like to help, what is the best way for them to get in touch?


We thoroughly enjoyed the interview and took a lot away from it. We hope you do the same. 

The host is Sean Cottrell, founder and CEO of LawInSport.


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