FIFpro video: International footballers take a stand against “horrible working conditions in Qatar"

Press Release

FIFPro and Spillerforeningen have today (Tuesday, May 17) released a short film with Danish and Norwegian national team players calling for improved working and living conditions for migrant workers in Qatar.

Produced by Danish players’ association Spillerforeningen, the three-minute video features William Kvist (FC Copenhagen and the Danish national team), Tom Høgli (FC Copenhagen and the Norwegian national team) and Mads Øland, Director of Spillerforeningen and FIFPro board member.

Working conditions in Qatar are cruel. […] Safety is poor, the wages are horrible. Their Passports are confiscated – and in many ways they live like slaves. The football world cannot accept that,” Tom Høgli said.

William Kvist adds: “The fact that thousands must die to build 12 fine stadiums for us has nothing to do with football.

Mads Øland states, “We can avoid a situation like the one in Qatar, if FIFA requires that social clauses be observed, so that […] stadium and other facilities are built under conditions that respect the rights of wage earners.

Spillerforeningen supports the recent process initiated by FIFA to secure human rights and improve the working and living conditions for the migrant workers in Qatar, and will support FIFA in reaching the goals of that process.




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