Powerlifter suspended for 4 years for anti-doping rule violation

Press Release

6th July 2018

The Sports Tribunal has suspended Dylan Turner, powerlifter, for four years for the presence of a prohibited substance, GW 1516 a non specified substance prohibited at all times, under class S4 Hormone and Metabolic Modulators of the Prohibited List 2018. The positive test resulted from a sample taken from him at the Waikato Bay of Plenty Provincial 3 Lift Championships on 21 April 2018.

Mr Turner was provisionally suspended without opposition on 31 May 2018. Following DFSNZ’s substantive proceedings being filed, Mr Turner admitted the anti-doping rule violation and advised he did not wish to participate in a hearing.

Mr Turner was given every opportunity to consider his position and take action. Despite numerous emails and telephone exchanges to facilitate support, provide information and to engage Mr Turner with this matter, he could not be convinced to participate and remained indifferent to the proceedings or the outcome.

Despite Mr Turner being advised he was subject to a mandatory four year sanction, he did not provide any information in support of his case which may have justified a reduction of the period of ineligibility. Consequently, in the absence of any explanation from him, the Tribunal had no alternative but to impose on Mr Turner the mandatory penalty as required by SADR.

Mr Turner’s suspension for a period of four years was backdated to commence on 21 April 2018 allowing credit for the period of provisional suspension served and for his timely admission.