The CAS ad hoc Division registers two more cases

Press Release

8th February 2018

The CAS Ad Hoc division in Korea has opened two new arbitration procedures:

CAS OG 18/04 concerns Russian athletes Tatyana Borodulina, Pavel Kulizhnikov, Alexander Loginov, Irina Starykh, Dimitry Vassiliev and Denis Yuskov v. the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

CAS OG 18/05 concerns an application filed by Pavel Abratkiewicz, Victor Sivkov, Anna Vychik, Evgeny Zykov, Anatoly Chelyshev, Danil Chaban and Konstantin Poltavets v. the IOC. The Applicants in this procedure are either doctors, coaches or support personnel working with Russian athletes.

In both cases, the Applicants are challenging the IOC’s refusal to invite them to participate in the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games. They request that CAS overturn the IOC decision and allow them to participate in these Games

The procedures are being conducted by the following Panel:

Dr Mohamed Abdel-Raouf (Egypt), President
Prof. Laurence Boisson de Chazournes (Switzerland/France), arbitrator
Mr Jinwon Park (Korea), arbitrator

The directions for these arbitration procedures will be issued during the day.