The global development of women’s football – a review of the strategies being implemented by FIFA, UEFA and in Italy

Published 23 April 2019 By: Lucio Mazzei

Women's Football

In recent years we have witnessed an unprecedented and perhaps unexpected rise in women’s football1 worldwide with participation increasing, new competitions2 emerging and viewing figures growing year-on-year. Despite some criticism, FIFA and UEFA on the whole appear to appreciate the importance of empowering this movement and support it with several programs like the FIFA Women’s Football Commercial Programme and UEFA Women’s Football Development Programme, which aim to make women’s football more competitive, sustainable and appealing. Many national football associations, like the Italian FIGC (the author’s home association), are also following suit and carrying out reforms to try to reduce the gap between the men’s and women’s game and help women to play football in a more professional context.

This article provides a high-level overview of the strategies being implemented by FIFA and UEFA to promote the development of the women’s game, before turning to look at the progress being made in Italy.


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Lucio Mazzei

Lucio Mazzei is a trainee lawyer specialized in Sports Law. He graduated in Law at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy with a thesis on “The professional footballer’s contract”.

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