The opportunity for sports lawyers at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - Takuya Yamazaki - Episode 62

Published 07 March 2018

Podcast Episode 62

This is a podcast for anyone who wants to better understand the current legal issues and developments from the world of sport, and find out about the personalities behind these developments. 

On this show our guest is Takuya Yamazaki, a Partner and Head of Sport at the Japanese law firm Field-R, provides a fascinating insight into some of the key legal and cultural issues to be aware on in the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and importantly highlights some of the challenges and opportunities this creates. 

This interview specifically addresses the following questions:

[4:47] What do you see as the real opportunity, not only for Japanese professional services providers, athletes, and administrators, but also for the wider sports community in the build up to the Tokyo Games?

[18:36] Can you give a quick overview of the development of the governing bodies, particularly around the Olympic movement? What the types of individuals are involved and what their outlooks are at the moment?

[20:00] What is your strategy or what do you recommend being the strategy when dealing with people who see it differently? How do you get them to be on board?

[29:40] If you were going to give any advice to international sports lawyers, going to, or being in Japan, looking to work with athletes going to Japan, is there any insight or advice you would give, or would you recommend taking a certain type of approach or something they should research in terms of regulations in advance of them going?

We thoroughly enjoyed the interview and took a lot away from it. We hope you do the same. 

The host is Sean Cottrell, founder and CEO of LawInSport.

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