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Announcement: LawInSport Annual Conference – Understand the Rules of the Game 2020

Title image for Understand The Rules of the Game TM - LawInSport's Annual Conference 2020

We are pleased to announce that this year’s LawInSport Annual Conference - 'Understand the Rules of The Game 2020' will now take place on 10th to 20th November 2020 in digital format with 16 sessions over 10 days with 9 open forums for networking and debate.

The LawInSport Annual Conference has a reputation as one of the "must-attend" and "cutting edge" conferences on the key issues and developments in international sports law. LawInSport conferences are not only know for the quality the content but also the extensive networking opportunities to help delegates build meaningful and long-lasting relationships. This year's will bring these same qualities to the digital conference building on the success of the LawInSport Football Law 2020 Digital Conference in May which hosts 530+ attendees. 

The conference sessions will be spread over the course of 10 days, and will feature:

  • in-depth and interactive panel discussions,
  • presentations; and
  • open forums and networking break-out rooms.

To see more details about the conference click here.


Commercial focus:

  • Media Rights - How has COVID-19 influenced media rights agreements?
  • Artificial Intelligence - Legal considerations for sport
  • Player Data - What are the legal rights to player data?
  • Tax updates
  • Insurance update
  • Private equity investment in sport

Governance & regulatory focus:

  • Diversity in sports governance & senior management
  • What legal and governance lessons have been learned from the COVID-19 pandemic? 
  • Financial regulation and salary caps
  • Esports - Legal developments 

Integrity focus:

  • Safeguarding - new approaches and lessons from recent developments
  • What is the future of sports integrity functions?
  • Anti-Doping - where is the limit with meat contamination?

Dispute resolution focus:

  • How can you establish an effective independent National Sports Tribunal?
  • Dealing with expert witnesses - using hot tubbing for expert witnesses

Athlete Focus:

  • Athlete Empowerment & Activism - Where is the future of athletes in the decision-making process in sport?
  • Protecting against exploitation in women's sport

Key trends and developments:

  • General Counsel Forum

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in sports law, sport business and sport administration will benefit from the conference. Previous and regular attendees include:

  • international and national sport federations;
  • in-house counsels;
  • private practice sport lawyers;
  • sport executives;
  • athletes/players;
  • coaches;
  • sports law academics; and,
  • students.

For many of the conference attendees, the LawInSport Annual Conference is an unmissable event to get inside knowledge on significant and budding issues in international sports law from both an external counsel and in-house perspective.

How to book your tickets

To find out more about the conference, or to purchase tickets, please visit the event page.

You can also follow updates about the conference on social media, using the hashtag #LISconf20.

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