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Media Rights Compilation 2018
Friday, 16 March 2018

The sports media rights and broadcasting landscape is as vibrant as ever, with traditional giants such as BT Sport and Sky seeing incoming competition and innovation from OTT digital natives like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.  The way content is delivered is also evolving, with technologies such as virtual and augmented reality seeming set to revolutionise viewing experiences over the coming years.  Throw in additional social media engagement from players and teams, alongside exciting, interactive Apps, and there’s never been a better time to be a fan. 

In light of this, here are our top articles and podcasts to explain the key legal issues and provide practical advice on the sports media rights and broadcasting market.

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    Articles & Features


    The role of "extended reality" in sport & an overview of key global licensing considerations. Read article.
    By Laura Jeffords Greenberg, Diana M. Martinez

    How the collective sale of broadcasting rights works in Turkish football. Read article.
    By Emin Ozkurt


    Sports broadcasting & the extent of mandatory sharing laws in India: A review of Union of India v. BCCI. Read article.
    By Saurabh Mishra


    Decoding the Indian Premier League Media Rights Sale – Part 1.  Read article.
    By Nandan Kamath, Roshan Gopalakrishna


    Decoding the Indian Premier League Media Rights Sale – Part 2. Read article.
    By Nandan Kamath, Roshan Gopalakrishna


    The potential of blockchain technology in the sports industry. Read article.
    By Christina Henry


    Why the eSports industry needs to be aware of local laws in order to be successful in the Middle East.  Read article.
    By Raj Pahuja


    A current view of the sports media rights market from Head of Legal, Sport at BT. Read article.
    By Alex Slade


    Why joint selling is crucial to La Liga's future.  Read article.
    By Alexander Guede


    What the social media revolution means for sports fans and rights holders.  Read article.
    By Tom Burrows


    Current trends in the acquisition of sports rights: multi-territory bidding and new technology.  Read article.
    By Alex Slade


    Mandatory Sharing of Sports Broadcast Signals in India: Part 1 – A review of STAR Sports v. Prasar Bharati. Read article.
    By Roshan Gopalakrishna


    Mandatory Sharing of Sports Broadcast Signals in India: Part 2 – The implications of the STAR Sports decision. Read article.
    By Roshan Gopalakrishna


    What does the Consumer Rights Act 2015 mean for providers of digital sports content? Read article.
    By Poonam Majithia


    How the Advertising Standards Authority restricts the use of U-25 sports stars in gambling adverts.  Read article.
    By Dan Smith


    Joint selling of French Rugby's TV rights: A review of the recent competition law cases.  Read article.
    By Grégory Basnier


    A year in review: US sports law - Intellectual Property & Broadcasting (Part 5). Read article.
    By Matthew J. Mitten, Benjamin C. Walker


    What Ofcom’s settlement with the Premier League means for the sale of UK football broadcasting rights.  Read article.
    By Alex Haffner


    How the Premier League is conquering global markets. Read article.
    By Austin Houlihan


    Sharing sports clips in the digital age: 6 things you should know. Read article.
    By Jonny Madill, Jack Jones


    What Twitter's deal with the NFL means for the future of sports media rights. Read article.
    By Dylan Kerrigan


    The 4 key issues facing sports media rights lawyers in 2017: From Head Counsel, Sky Sports. Read article.
    By Stephen Ridgway


    A guide to piracy protection for sports broadcasting rights-holders in the UAE.  Read article.
    By Steve Bainbridge


    How social media and smart devices are influencing the negotiation of Sports Media Rights Agreements. Read article.
    By Tom Burrows


    The Olympics TV deal & UK listed events: what are the options for Discovery in the UK?  Read article.
    By Paul Shapiro, Ben Rees


    How could the rising Premier League broadcasting revenue impact clubs' compliance with Financial Fair Play?  Read article.
    By Paul Shapiro, Ben Rees


    U.S. broadcasting: what ESPN v. Verizon litigation may mean for viewers, leagues and sponsors. Read article.
    By John Wolohan


    The development of the NBA in China - An Interview with Ella Betsy Wong, Senior VP and General Counsel, NBA China. Read article.
    By Sean Cottrell


    How is sport professionalising its “Twitterati”? Morality clauses, regulation and enforcement. Read article.
    By Patrica Leonard


    Will sports rights holders "on-demand" even more from broadcasters and how may contracts evolve? Read article.
    By  Alex Henderson, Alex Haffner


    What does Ofcom’s investigation into Premier League broadcasting rights mean for stakeholders? Read article.
    By Daniel Geey


    Digital and social media rights: Can the fans be forced to take down online goal videos and should they be? Read article.
    By Alex Henderson, Jennifer Munn, David Blood


    The art of million dollar sports media rights deals: An interview with Bobby Hacker - Episode 50. Listen to podcast here.
    By Sean Cottrell


    An interview with Alex Slade, Head of Legal, Sport at BT - Episode 46. Listen to podcast here.
    By Sean Cottrell


    My insights from working as a sports and media lawyer in Asia.  Listen to podcast here.
    By Julian Moore



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