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Breaking into sports law

Friday, 02 December 2022

How do you break into "sports law'? It is highly competitive sector where employers can have their pick of candidates for what are a limited number of roles. 

This webinar brings together lawyers from across the sports industry (football, horseracing, technology and media), will share their experience of breaking into sports sector and provide advice to those looking to follow in their footsteps.

In addition, John Cullen (Director of Recruitment at LawInSport) will provide insights into what sports organisations, media and technology companies in sport, and law firms are looking for in future employees.


  1. Sam Smith, Associate Legal Counsel, Manchester United
  2. Jordan Prince, Legal Counsel, TikTok
  3. Grace Hockhold, Regulatory Legal Advisor, British Horseracing Authority
  4. Sean Cottrell, Founder and CEO, LawInSport
  5. John Cullen, Head of Recruitment, LawInSport

What We Will Be Covered In The Webinar?

  • How to sharpen your knowledge on topics around sports law.

  • Development of new skills.

  • Opening doors to new opportunities.

  • Become a more attractive, articulate candidate.

  • Boost your energy and put yourself in a more positive mindset for pursuing your goals and the job search.

  • Feel more prepared for the job search.

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