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1514/20 (Garcia v/ Gatling)


The Agent, Lluis Tunez Garcia, filed a claim against the American-Montenegrin Player, Markeisha Cherte Gatling, for agent fees and interest

1473/20 (Sutherland, Gallotti v/ Araski AES)


The American Player, Aishah Gameela Sutherland, and her Agent, Lorenzo Gallotti, filed a claim against the Spanish Club Araski AES for outstanding salaries, agent fees and interest.

Bosnian union secures player salaries with special campaign


Bosnian player union SPFBiH came to the rescue when an owner left a prominent club and its players in serious problems. The union managed to safe a significant part of players’ salaries, supported new ownership for the club and helped change disciplinary regulations.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) partially upholds the appeals of Saman Ghoddos and Östersunds FK: the sanctions are maintained but the EUR 4 million compensation is cancelled


The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has issued its decision in the appeal arbitration procedures filed by the player Saman Ghoddos and Östersunds FK Elitfotboll AB (Östersunds) against the decision rendered by the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber dated 14 June 2019 (the Challenged Decision). In such decision, Saman Ghoddos was found to have unilaterally terminated his employment contract with SD Huesca and ordered, together with Östersunds, to jointly and severally pay compensation of EUR 4 million to SD Huesca.

1545/20 (Jara v/ DVTK Kosarlabda KFT)


The Chilean Player Ziomara Esket Morrison Jara filed a claim against the Hungarian Club DVTK Kosarlabda KFT for outstanding salaries, flight reimbursement, tax certificates and interest.

1505/20 (Prodromou v/ Slamova)


The Agent, Thomas Prodromou, filed a claim against the Slovakian-Hungarian Player, Angelica Slamova, for agent fees and interest.

1139/17 Diamantopoulos v/ Dixon


The Agent Elias Diamantopoulos filed a claim against the American Player Mike Dixon for agent fees, loan repayment and interest.

1457/19 Justice, Fleisher v/ Grono Sportowa Spolka Akcyjna


The American Player, Kodi Andrew Justice, and his Agent, Eric Fleisher, filed a claim against the Polish Club, Grono Sportowa Spolka Akcyjna, for outstanding salaries, image rights payments, tax certificates, agent fees and interest.


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