How Will Changes To Gambling Advertising Regulations To Protect Young People Affect Athletes?

The gambling industry’s growing presence in football has been the topic of much fan and government discussion in recent years as the growing numbers of gambling companies sponso...

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A new dawn? How India Is Regulating Online Gaming & Fantasy Sports

According to a report released by KPMG, gamechilling, a trend has seen a significant rise in India with lockdowns and...
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Legal Rights In Performance Data: Why Athletes Need To Dig Down For Data Mining

Professional athletes are used to leveraging the law to protect themselves, whether that is their likeness, name, fin...
What to watch 2022 - UK & Ireland

Sports Law in 2022 – Key issues to watch in UK & Ireland

Here are the top sports law issues to watch out for in 2022 from the UK and Ireland from the LawInSport Editorial Boa...
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Gambling Operator Ordered To Pay-Out 1.7m Despite Game Defects Reaffirms Why Clear T&C’s Matter

In April 2021, the High Court granted summary judgment in favour of Mr Green, a customer of Betfred who sought recove...
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The Rules Against 'Portraying Problematic Behaviour' In Sports Gambling Ads (ASA v Ladbrokes)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled on 7 July 2021[1] that a TV ad for Ladbrokes depicted gambling behavi...
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Football Index Collapse: Blurring The Lines Between Gambling & Investment

This article was originally published 3 June 2021 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and ...
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A Data Analysis Of Outcomes In FA Betting Cases

According to the latest data from the UK Gambling Commission, in the year to December 2020, 4.8% of the UK adult popu...

2021 Tennis Anti-Corruption Program - Important Changes To Courtsiding & Inside Information Rules

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA)[1] (previously called the Tennis Integrity Unit) is the anti-corrupt...

Betting On Inside Information In Football: Lessons from the Trippier and Sturridge cases

The recent cases of The FA v. Kieran Trippier[1] and The FA v. Daniel Sturridge[2] have highlighted what is likely to...

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