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About SLAM

SLAM is a not-for-profit competition with the entry fees being used to fund the administrative and organisational costs (including travel assistance for finalists if needed) as well as the education of participants.
SLAM has been designed to make sports arbitration more inclusive and diverse, so that no matter where you are located or your financial circumstances you will be able to participate. 
SLAM was founded in 2019 by SportLex - Sports Law Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and supported by LawInSport since its conception. SLAM has been a LawInSport event since 2021.
Blaz Tomazin Bolcar, founder of SportLaw and co-founder of SLAM said: “It was great to see students competing in the SLAM event with a true passion for sports law. This is the very essence of the competition. I am happy to see SLAM developing into one of the best law moot competitions in the world. ” 
Sean Cottrell, Co-Founder of LawInSport, added: “Last year’s competition was a privilege to organise and host. We were able to give students from around the world the opportunity to develop and showcase their ability in front of the world’s leading advocates and CAS arbitrators.  This competition is a showcase for the next generation of lawyers with an interest in law in sport no matter where they are from or where they are studying.The CAS arbitrators commented on the high quality of advocacy and we are looking forward to finding more brilliant students in this year’s competition.I would encourage students to apply to be part of this year's competition as this truly is a rare and valuable opportunity to learn and develop relationships in the industry.” 
Over the last few year's SLAM was a huge success with:
  • 120 teams enter from 20+ countries
  • 80 Teams attend written submission and oral advocacy training session
  • 40 CAS Arbitrators & 40 advocates, from 20 countries, judged the written submissions. 23 CAS arbitrators judged the oral rounds (which were all judged solely by CAS arbitrators)
For more information on how to participate and support SLAM email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Organising Committee


SLAM is organised by:

  • Manan Agrawal, Editor, LawInSport
  • Blaz Tomazin Bolcar, founder of SportLaw and co-founder of SLAM
  • Jeffrey Benz, Attorney, Barrister, Arbitrator, Mediator, JAMS/4 New Square Chambers/Court of Arbitration for Sport
  • Sean Cottrell, CEO & Co-Founder, LawInSport

All organisers and judges give up their time freely and do not receive any financial remuneration from their roles in the Sports Law Arbitration Moot (SLAM).

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