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Sports & Business Courses

All of the institutions listed are Academic Members of LawInSport and provides full access to LawInSport and benefits of membership to their students and faculty.

Football Law In Practice

Football Law In Practice is a 8 week online course, where leading football lawyers explain and provide practical insights into the important governance, legal and regulatory issues in football. Du...

Global Master in International Sports Law - ISDE

Introduction and Objectives The Global Master in International Sports Law is aimed and focused for professionals that are not able to attend a full time, one year long program. Students ...

Global Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills with F.C. Barcelona

Introduction and Objectives The Global Master in sports Management and Legal Skills with FCB is aimed and focused on the sector of lawyers, business, economic and sports management, or o...
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Master esports Business ISDE

Introduction The exponential growth of esports has highlighted the need to professionalize the sector. There are training courses in the creation and development of video games, ...

Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills ISDE – FC Barcelona

Introduction This Master in Sports Management & Legal Skills, by ISDE and FC Barcelona, has been designed for graduates in Business Administration, Law and Economics, as well as for profession...

Sports Agent Executive Program - ISDE

Introduction and Objectives If you have the aspiration to become a top-level sports agent this Program is a unique opportunity in the market. For the first time, a group of experienced agents are ...

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