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  • The exponential growth of esports has highlighted the need to professionalize the sector. There are training courses in the creation and development of video games, but no program like this one that trains professionals to deal with all aspects of a business of such growth.

    This Master does just that, allowing students to learn with some of the leading professionals in the industry, giving them a more realistic perspective of the market than any other program currently in existence.

    It is therefore a matter of training the future professionals of the esports industry, a sector in which, as with so many other technology-related sectors, there is today a greater demand from the industry for graduates with the appropriate education and training to meet that demand.

Structure, Location and Calendar

CAMPUS: Barcelona

START: January 2022


Two phases:

Phase one: Classroom instruction:

  • Anacademic semester with classes from Monday to Thursday.

Second phase: Integration in practice:

  • Obligatory phase. Three to six months as a trainee in one of ISDE’s partner companies, in the eSports sector.

Career Opportunities

The Master prepares students for one of the following roles in these two areas:

Sports Business

  • Sports project manager (team, league, tournament, event).
  • Responsible for production of sport events.
  • Responsible for production of leagues and tournaments.
  • Marketing manager of a sports organization.
  • Sales manager of a sports organization.
  • Sports expert in a marketing and communication agency
  • Sports expert in the Department of Marketing and Communication of a consumer brand
  • Entrepreneur in the sports industry.

Sports Media

  • Journalist specializing in sports.
  • Sports broadcasting caster.
  • Responsible for audiovisual production of leagues, tournaments and sport events.
  • Responsible for P.R. (Public Relations) of a sports team.
  • Responsible for communication of a sports team.
  • Communication manager of a sports league.

Academic Program

Esports Fundamentals

1.  Esports Cultures and Competitions

  • History of Competitive gaming and esports
  • Evolution of play / a culture of mods
  • Genres and Games
  • Esports in media and Popular culture
  • What makes a game an esport
  • From LAN parties to stadiums

2. Esports in Society

  • Esports and Minors
  • Esports and Gender
  • Esports and Health
  • Esports and Education

3. Industry Overview

  • Market analysis
  • Key stakeholders and role players in the industry
  • Value chain and business models
  • Open system vs Closed system

4. Esports future and Trends

  • Mobile esports
  • Big data and Blockchain
  • AR/VR
  • Esports Global Expansion

5. Media in esports

  • History of esports shoutcasting
  • The rise of the Streamer
  • Esports media landscape
  • Audience analysis
  • Broadcasting to cord-cutters

6. Esports Law

  • Regulatory Landscape
  • IP License and Rights
  • Governing bodies and Rights
  • Transfer agreements
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Integrity and Compliance
  • Esports and Betting

Becoming an esports professional

7. Marketing

  • The five P’s of esports
  • Authenticity and Credibility
  • Sponsorship rights
  • Broadcasting rights
  • Measuring ROI
  • Brands, brand management, IP rights
  • PR and press relations

8. Competition Management

  • Tournament formats
  • Online, LAN, and BYOC tournaments
  • Rules and regulations
  • Tournament software
  • Human resources

9. Media Production

  • A spectator sport
  • Storytelling and narratives
  • Engagement with players, viewers and fans
  • Live production and Project management
  • Content creation and distribution

10. Event Management

  • Typology of esports events
  • Business models
  • Marketing and Sponsorships
  • Logistics and Suppliers
  • Human Resources
  • Event planning

11. Team management

  • History of esports teams
  • Coaching a gamer
  • Financial direction
  • PR & Marketing
  • Players representation
  • Human resources

*The academic program is subject to modifications.

Admission Process

  • Carried out by the ISDE Admissions Committee, it is divided into 2 phases:

    • Evaluation of documents: the candidate must send the following documents to the admissions coordinator assigned to him/her:
      • Curriculum Vitae
      • Motivation letter (in which you express your reasons for wanting to do this master’s degree)
      • University degree (if you already have one)
      • University transcript (list of subjects and grades)
      • At least one letter of recommendation

    • Presential tests: 3h approximately:
      • Written tests:
      • Psycho-technical test
      • Reasoning test
      • English level test
      • Interviews:
        • Personal interview with a member of the admissions office
        • Court. With members of the academic and general management.

    * REMOTE ADMISSION PROCESS AVAILABLE (for cases that need it)

    If you wish to start the admission process, you can do so by sending us your documentation through the following link: ISDE ADMISSION PROCESS


Hessabi, Mike - NICECACTUS

Sebastien Ventura, Jean - Founder and CEO of 6 national and international TV channels

Jean Sebastien Ventura NiceCactus
Oscar Soriano Play The Game
Max Dalmau You First Sports
Adam Whyte EDGE
Johnny Kutnowski Blinkfire Analytics
Alfonso León Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo Sports Lawyers
Mario Pérez LVP
Alberto Martínez Streamloots
Daniel Vicente D.V. Consulting
Pedro Belaunzarán MAD Lions E.C.
Federico Winer Consultant –
Ollie Ring Regulus Partners
Krystian Jarozsynski G2 Esports
Valeria Belozertsova AC Monaco
Tomi Kovanen Inmortals Gaming Club
Andrea López Team Heretics
Jordi Roig YearXero
Boris Bergerot STAKRN Group
Dmitriy Karpenko Mobalytics
Philip Hubner Challengermode
Fidan Gutaj


  • City: Barcelona
  • Country: Spain


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