FIFA's Maternity Benefits For Female Players Enforced By Football Tribunal (Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir v Lyon)

Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir (“Sara”) captain of the Icelandic national football team and Juventus player, recently secured a landmark victory for female footballers. In May 2022, a...

LawInSport Podcast

| Mass Ndow-Njie

What Constitutes ‘Assault’ On Football Referees & How Is It Punished? (Curran v London County FA)

In a recent case before an FA Appeal Board (Miles Curran v London County FA), a Player sprayed a referee with water f...
Sports Betting
| Mike Llewellyn, Carlton Daniel and Jack Wood

ASA's First Ruling Under New Gambling Ad Rules: Analysis And Implications For Sports Organizations

The Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”) has issued its first ruling  under the new rules that prohibit ...
Football with Spain flag in net
| Eduardo Oliver & Carlos Carnero

An Overview Of Spain’s New Sports Law

On 22 December 2022, the Congress of Deputies approved the Law 39/2022, of 30 December, on Sport ("Law 39/22" or "New...
| Howard Jacobs & Aaron Mojarras

Horseracing Integrity & Safety Authority Ruled Unconstitutional - What Happened & Why (NHBPA V Black)

Since the establishment of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA), opponents of the organization—and m...
Biathlon Ski Racers
| Dr Despina Mavromati

Swiss Federal Tribunal confirms the validity of CAS Anti-Doping Division proceedings as first instance tribunal

This article discusses a recent important decision1 by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court (“SFT”) which confirmed the va...
Basketball Game
| Alexander Engelhard & Maike Herrlein

How BAT Ruled On A Player Contract Affected By Russia Ukraine War (Brantley v Basketball Club UNICS)

In this article, the authors assess the recent decision of the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) in the case of Amer...
| Dr Despina Mavromati

A Summary Of 2022’s Key Sports Law Cases & Regulatory Reforms From The CAS & SFT

This article summarises the key cases from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and the Swiss Federal Tribun...
Young spectator in Australian Hat
| Jack Anderson

A Summary of Key Sports Law Cases In Australia in 2022

This is a summary of some of the leading sports law cases that arose in Australia in 2022. It is based on the author’...
| Vani A.S, Jemimah Matthew

Protecting trademarks in keyword advertising in India - A guide for sports organisations

The Honourable Delhi High Court (Court) in India, in the recent case of Head Digital Works Private Limited v. TicTok ...
Footballer kicking out of a phone
| Phil Hutchinson & Harry Bambury

Betting In Football: Lessons From Non-League Player’s 11 Year Suspension (The FA v Kynan Isaac)

The recent decision of the FA Independent Regulatory Commission (“Commission”) in The FA v Kynan Isaac attracted wide...
Amicus Curiae
| Madalina Diaconu

How “Amicus Curiae” Works At The Court Of Arbitration For Sport

Anybody could use a friend, including the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). An amicus curia (literally, ‘friend o...
American Football Field
| Samantha Schmitz

NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy Procedure Put To The Test (The Deshaun Watson Case)

The NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, has historically faced much criticism for relaxed disciplinary decisions....
Social Media
| Paul Hayes KC

Who is a ‘publisher’ in the context of defamatory material posted on a social media website? (Fairfax v Voller)

Who is a ‘publisher’ in the context of defamatory material posted on a social media website on the internet? The High...
Artificial Intelligence Data
| Andrew Cox, Toby Bond, Saskia King, Andy Danson

What does the Genius v Sportradar settlement mean for sports data rights holders?

It was recently announced that the long-standing dispute between Genius Sport and Sportradar has come to an end becau...
| Nick De Marco KC

The Standard of Proof and the Threshold for Appeal in Sports Disciplinary Cases (The FA v Imran Louza)

The decision of an Appeal Board dismissing the FA’s appeal in the case of FA v Imran Louza1 is significant for t...
Nigerian Football Ablaze
| Chiemeka F. Nwosu

Why The Nigerian National Sports Industry Policy 2022/26 Represents A Bold Statement Of Intent

Following years of discussion by the government and private sectors on how to revitalise the country's sports, the Fe...
Andrew Smith
| Manan Agrawal

Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is a barrister at 11KBW Chambers in London. He practises principally in the fields of employment and dis...
Ecuadorian Footballer
| Joshua Easterbrook

Ecuador’s World Cup Player Eligibility Fight – A Review Of The Byron Castillo Case

The FIFA Men’s World Cup got underway on Sunday 20 November 2022, when Ecuador beat the host nation, Qatar, in the op...
| Edmund Gross

How Have The Pitch Invasions At Everton & Manchester City Been Dealt By The FA?

In June the author wrote an article on LawInSport[1] exploring the Football Association’s (The FA) regulations in rel...
Spanish cyclists going up a hill
| Alberto Yelmo

Fighting Doping In Sport: How Spain's Bureaucracy Is Undermining The Athlete Biological Passport

The introduction of World-Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) has been a significant tool in ...
Sportsperson running over the running track
| Alastair Campbell

The difficulties of athlete selection appeals: Key Considerations For Governing Bodies

The first part of this article, available here, considered selection appeals from the perspective of the athlete and ...
Man hand wrapped in boxing bandages
| Alastair Campbell

The Difficulties Of Selection, De-Selection And Selection Appeals: Key Considerations For Athletes

No matter the sport, the vast majority of professional athletes share a version of the same goal: to perform at their...
Cricket ball in hand
| Nick De Marco KC

ECB Racism Disciplinary Proceedings To Be Held In Public: Open Justice In Sports Disputes

On 3 November 2022, the BBC announced that in an “unprecedented” move the England and Wales Cricket Board’s (‘ECB’) d...
| Ariel Reck

How Are Bridge Transfers Being Regulated In Football Now?

I had previously written an article on LawInSport discussing bridge transfers. As a long time has passed and a lot ha...
Football Player
| Paolo Marsilio & Alberto Porzio

CAS rules on retrospective application of solidarity regulations (Cagliari v Club A)

With the very recent award CAS 2021/A/8238, issued on 8 September 2022 (CAS Decision), the Court of Arbitration for S...
Womens Football
| Erin Kidd, Habib Saeed and Steve Bainbridge

Improving Diversity, Equity & Inclusion In Sport – Lessons From Australia & UAE

During Australia’s 2022 National Rugby League season, seven players from the Manly Sea Eagles, a team in the National...
| Antanas Paulauskas

Key Principles On Player Contracts From The Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (Part 3 – Compensation For Wrongful Termination)

This is the third and final article in a series that explains the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal’s (BAT) jurisprudence ...
Football Scene
| Liz Coley, Daniel Lowen

Determining Compensation For Out Of Contract Footballers: The Nathan Ferguson & Luca Murphy cases

By way of short update to the article entitled “Determining The Level Of Compensation For Out Of Contract Football Pl...
Employment Agreement
| Jonathan Rennie, Sam Foley

Can Football Contracts Be Changed Or Varied Mid-Term? If So, What Can Players Do About It?

In 2020, Barcelona and Frenkie De Jong agreed a contract renewal which included an additional two-year contract exten...
Luxembourg Football
| Daniel Green

The FC Swift Hesperange Complaint – A Further Challenge To UEFAs Rules On New Competitions

At the end of July 2022, the Luxembourg football club Swift Hesperange – at the time of writing 2nd in the top nation...
| Paul Horvath, Jackie Chan

The Harsh Reality Of Selection Disputes: Lessons From The Sebastian Temesi Commonwealth Games Case

Representing their country at a major international event is what many athletes dream of doing when they decide to pu...
Football Controlling Ball
| Mahammad Safarli

When Does A Domestic Tribunal Qualify As FIFA Compliant? A Case Study Of Azerbaijan

According to the article 22 paragraph 1(b) of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP)1 FIFA...
Rangers FC
| Louise Mason

Workplace Discrimination For Football Beliefs? Rangers Fan Makes An Unusual Claim

When does a passion for sport become a workplace issue?  In McClung v Doosan, a Scottish employment tribuna...
Shareholders Agreement
| Gwendoline Davies, Lynsey Oakdene, Louise Norbury-Robinson and Rebecca Riding

Unfair Prejudice Claims: How The Cardiff City FC Shareholder Dispute Unfolded

Cardiff City FC has found itself in the legal press after being the subject of an unfair prejudice petition. The cas...
Red Card
| Gong Xiaoyan, Liu Jiahe

Jurisdiction Disputes: When Can National Bodies Hear FIFA-Related Employment Claims?

In the field of football, employment-related disputes involving foreign players, coaches or other foreign-related fac...
Sports Lawyer in the Spotlight -  Farai Razano
| Manan Agrawal

Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight: Farai Razano

Farai is a Partner at Razano Attorneys, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His practice focuses on sports law and e...
| John Shea

When Is A Football 'Sell On Clause' Triggered? CAS Decides in Malaga v Brighton

Those involved with football transfers will be familiar with sell-on clauses given that they are widely used in the w...
| Alex Kelham

The Rules On Ambush Marketing For FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The FIFA World Cup stimulates a frenzy of marketing activity – both official and unofficial. Qatar 2022 is unlikely t...
Indian cricket player on Indian flag design in background
| Roshan Gopalakrishna; R. Seshank Shekar; Harsh Malpani

Negotiating athlete endorsement agreements in India

The Indian sports industry and the surrounding eco-system has undergone a substantial economic transformation in the ...
Rugby Player Passing
| Ben Cisneros

Spain’s Rugby World Cup 2023 Disqualification - Resolving Player Ineligibility Issues Ahead Of Time!

Spain have been disqualified from the Rugby World Cup for the second time consecutively, having again been found to h...
Scales of justice
| Kenneth Thornicroft

Ensuring Fair Process For Players In Sexual Assault Claims - The Jake Virtanen NHL Case

In recent years, several prominent professional athletes have been accused of sexual misconduct. For some, there appe...
Gavel and Football Pitch
| Dr Despina Mavromati

The Right To Be Heard: Why The SFT Rejected A Football Club’s Appeal From CAS

A typical loan agreement with a purchase option of a football player was brought to the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamb...
Arguing Parents
| Tammy Knox

Family Law Guidance For Athletes – Dealing With Continuing Disputes Over Children

This is the fifth in a series of articles exploring key family law issues facing athletes over the course of their ca...
Football in shadows
| Keith Oliver, Stefan Ansah,

Criminal Charges: Why Swiss Court Found Blatter & Platini Not Guilty And What Happens Next

In July 2022, a Swiss Federal Criminal Court (FCC) found former FIFA president Sepp Blatter and former UEFA president...
Soccer Player Celebrating
| Simon Casinader, Niall Lavery, Michal Kocon

What The UK Competition Authority’s Price Fixing Investigation Means For Football Clubs & Kit Suppliers

On 7 June 2022, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published its preliminary finding that Elite Sports ...
China Scales
| Gong Xiaoyan, Liu Jiahe, Song Xiaoyan, Guo Jingyu

How Sports Arbitration Is Evolving In China - The New 2023 Sports Arbitration Law

On June 24, 2022, the 35th Session of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress adopted the...
Children Dribbling Football
| Tammy Knox

Family Law Guidance For Athletes – The Rules On Child Arrangements Post-Separation

This is the fourth in a series of articles exploring key family law issues facing athletes over the course of their c...
| Madalina Diaconu

What obligations do clubs owe players if suspending their contract for Covid-19 (FCSB v Planic)?

The case of FC FCSB SA v. Bogdan Planic1 is of notable interest to sports clubs, players and sports law practitioners...
Gavel and Football
| Dr Despina Mavromati

Challenging FIFA’s Jurisdiction: Why Appeals To The SFT Must Be On Public Policy Grounds

In this football-related case, a national football association (the Appellant) terminated its contract with the footb...
Football Stadium
| Jamie Curle (Partner), Chris Morris (Legal Director), Katherine Roe (Associate) (DLA)

Summary Judgements & Force Majeure: How The Premier League Recovered $213mn From PPLive

In the recent High Court case of The Football Association Premier League Limited v PPLive Sports International Limite...
| Hugo Plowman, Philippa Rees, Olivia Woodhead

Freezing Orders: A Landmark New Judgement On NFTs From UK Courts

Digital ownership of cryptoassets has brought with it an exponential growth in engagement and monetisation. Indeed, t...
Horse Race Betting
| Benjamin Fellows, Gajendran Balachandran

Betting Errors – Paddy Power Case Highlights Importance Of Fair Exclusion Clauses

The recent English High Court case of Longley v PBB Entertainment1provides an interesting analysis of the princ...
Sports Lawyer
| Manan Agrawal

Sports Lawyer In Spotlight: Roberto De Palma Barracco

Roberto de Palma Barracco is an attorney, mediator and arbitrator focused on the lifestyle industries - especially sp...
Rugby Scrum
| Nick McQueen, Adam Melling and India Seaton

Not A Level Playing Field: Drafting And Interpreting Force Majeure Clauses Post Covid-19

Why are the  European Professional Club Rugby v RDA Television1  and  Football Association Premier Lea...
| Guo Cai, Jeff Benz

Annual Review on Sports Dispute Resolution in China

Table of Contents Table of Contents Table Of Contents Part 1. Overview Part 2. Major Updates Of Laws, Reg...
| Simon Casinader & Niall Lavery

Trade Marks In Sport: Ronaldinho & Henry Case Shows How To Raise ‘Bad Faith Objections’

Bad faith has been a hot topic in UK and EU trade mark matters in recent years - not least in the sports world where ...
Football Law Conference
| Charlie Kendrick

A Review Of LawInSport’s Football Conference 2022: Key Lessons For The Sector

As a full member of LawInSport, I regularly read articles encapsulating the essence of law in a sports context. I was...
| Despina Mavromati

SFT reconfirm the limited scope of ‘excessive formalism’ as a grounds of appeal

A dispute between two football clubs was first decided by the Single Judge of the FIFA Players’ Status Committee and ...
FIFA RSTP Commentary 2021
| Siddarth Gossain

Your Guide To FIFA’s Commentary On The RSTP

On 10 November 2021, FIFA published the 2021 Commentary (Commentary) on the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of...
Gavel and Football Pitch
| Despina Mavromati

SFT Rules On Limited Scope Of Review For Procedural Violations

In this recent football-related procedure the Appellant—represented by legal counsel—had sent its statement of appeal...
| Craig Hogg & Caroline Timoney

The Importance Of Early Reporting & Preserving Evidence: Lessons From The Brendan Taylor Cricket Corruption Case

On 28 January 2022, the International Cricket Council (ICC) published two decisions relating to Brendan Taylor1, a fo...
| Despina Mavromati

Challenging Appointment Of Arbitrators: Swiss Federal Tribunal's Decision Highlights Uniqueness Of Sports

4A_520/2021, judgment of March 4, 2022 , A v. FIFA, motion to set aside the CAS Award of 31 August 2021 (CAS 2019/A/6...
Mobile app
| Ceyhun Pehlivan

Privacy Breach: Why LaLiga Was Fined For Its Audio-Collecting App

The Spanish High Court, Audiencia Nacional, has upheld the €250,000 fine imposed on La Liga by the Spanish data prote...
Scales of justice
| Richard Bush

Safeguarding Proceedings - How To Balance The Rights Of The Accused With Treatment Of The Abused?

Safeguarding practice is about protecting and promoting wellbeing. It encompasses a wide variety of actions that are ...
Rugby Player
| Craig Giles, Thomas Oster, Amy Cole

Broadcasting Tenders: How Rugby World Cup Beat A Competition Law Challenge

The French Commercial Court has vindicated Rugby World Cup Limited’s tender process in relation to the award of broad...
F1 Cars on track
| Yeva Agayan

Challenging FIA Decisions In Formula One: What Options Do F1 Teams Have?

The conclusion to the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship (F1) was one of the most controversial in recent histor...
Football goalkeeper on handshake background
| Tiran Gunawardena

Unilateral extension options in football contracts: Are they valid and enforceable?

Unilateral extension clauses (UECs) are contractual clauses that give one party to a contract the exclusive right to ...
Kate Porter
| LawInSport

Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight: Kate Porter

For this week’s edition of Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight, we interviewed Kate Porter who is a partner and head of th...
| Antanas Paulauskas

Key Principles On Player Contracts From The Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (Part 2: Interpretation & Performance)

This is the second article in a series that explains the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal’s (BAT) jurisprudence on basket...
Divorce decree and wedding rings with pen and gavel
| Tammy Knox

The Lifecycle Of An International Athlete – Dealing With Divorce

This blog in our series for international athletes explains key points of English law in relation to family issu...
Dangerous slide tackle
| Luka Krsljanin

Fulham FC v Jones: When Is There Civil Liability For Causing A Serious Injury In Football?

This article examines the case between Fulham Football Club and Mr Jordan Levi Jones which concerns the circumstances...
Jump Jockeys
| Victoria Brown

Bullying In The Weighing Room – Will Bryony Frost's Case Mark A Sea Change For Sports?

The willingness and capability of sports governing bodies (SGBs) to tackle discrimination and harassment in sport has...
Hand Shake
| Sohail Ali

Force Majeure: How The Obligation To Use ‘Reasonable Endeavours’ Affects The Sports Sector

In the wake of the Ukraine crisis and the resulting sanctions imposed on Russia, the sports sector has been particula...
Footballers Arguing
| Amir Arsalan Eskandari

How CAS Deals With ‘Lis Pendens’ (Cases Filed Simultaneously In A National Court)

What happens if the same legal issue, involving the same parties, are simultaneously filed in both a sports arbitral ...
Upset Footballer
| Jo Edwards, Amanda Sandys (Forsters)

Staying On Track: How To Protect Athletes From The Impact Of Family Breakdown

The impact of relationship difficulties or breakdown on the well-being of sports professionals is often overlooked.&n...
Data Graphic
| Ignacio Triguero, Juan Alfonso Prieto Huang

Why Did The Royal Spanish Football Federation Get Fined For Releasing A Zoom Recording?

On February 16th, 2022, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (“Federation” or “the RFEF”) has been found guilty of b...
Basketball Dunking
| Antanas Paulauskas

Key Principles On Player Contracts From The Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (Part 1 – Formation)

Unlike FIFA, with its Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, the International Basketball Federation (FIB...
| Ashley Cukier, David Winnie

How FIFA Tribunals Are Assessing Covid-19 Force Majeure Disputes (Hiddink v Maldives F.A.)

The Players’ Status Chamber of the FIFA Football Tribunal (the FIFA Tribunal) has handed down its decision in Hiddink...
Womens soccer
| Sarah Hartley

Why Challenges Remain For US Women’s Soccer After Equal Pay Deal

On February 22, 2022, the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) (the national governing body for soccer in the United States)...
Mark Howell
| LawInSport

Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight: Mark Hovell

For this week’s edition on Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight, we sat down with Mark Hovell, who is a partner at Mills &a...
| Thomas Horton

The FA V Marc Bola – Dealing With Historical Aggravated Breaches

An earlier article published on LawInSport by John Shea titled ‘New Precedent Set For Withholding/Editing Content Fro...
Rival Basketball Players
| Kelvin Omuojine

Tackling Government Interference In Sport: The River Hoopers Nigerian Basketball Case

In January 2022, Nigerian basketball champions, Rivers Hoopers, were prohibited from competing in the Baske...
Batsman thumping chest
| Wlfred Synrem

Can sports formats be protected by copyright law?

On the 19th of January, 2022, the High Court of Delhi provisionally ruled upon a claim of copyright, vis a ...
Rugby Player
| Kevin Carpenter

Why Publicly Criticising Match Officials Has To Stop - The Rassie Erasmus Lions Saga

The headline fixture of the opening round of the 2022 Six Nations championship Scotland v. England featured two of th...
Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight
| LawInSport

Sports Lawyer In Spotlight: Lindsay Brandon

Welcome to LawInSport’s new series ‘Sports Lawyer in the Spotlight’, where we go behind the scenes with the leading s...
Ice Skates
| Despina Mavromati

The Case of Olympic Skater Kamila Valieva - Was CAS’s Decision Justified?

On Monday 7 February 2021, 15-year-old prodigy figure skater Kamila Valieva (the Athlete) participated in the team fi...
Skeleton Sport
| Martin Ross and Mark Lebbon

A Summary Of CAS Decisions At The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

In February 2022, viewers around the world were dazzled by the skill and courage of athletes participating in the Bei...
Yohan Rossel at Col de Moissière, Rallye Monte-Carlo 2019
| Andrew Moroney

Disqualified For Technical Breach Despite No Advantage: The Cautionary Tale Of A Rally Driver

While nearly all of the column inches relating to recent FIA stewarding decisions have (unsurprisingly) focused on th...
Assistant referee informing a substitution
| Vitus Derungs

Why A Sixth Substitute In Football May Not Automatically Mean A Forfeit Loss

Since 2020, the rules of football (namely Article 3.2 of the IFAB Laws of the Game), allow for five substitution...
| Maximilian Wegge

Can Clubs Shift The Financial Burden Of FIFA’s Solidarity Contribution For Player Transfers

On 10 November 2021, FIFA published the much anticipated new edition of its commentary on the FIFA Regulations on the...
Formula One 2022 car
| Nicholas Buckland & Ella Nawaro

A Guide To How Trade Marks Work In Formula One®

In the UK, a trade mark can be protected if it is capable of distinguishing the specific goods/services covered from ...
| Jason Shardlow-Wrest

How To Use ‘Variable Sell-On Clauses’ In Football Transfers After Arsenal’s Win At CAS

As the clock ticked towards 11pm on deadline day during January’s recent transfer window, dealmakers and lawyers were...
Olympic Skeleton
| Mike Cook

Eligibility Cases From The Beijing Olympic Winter Games

The Court of Arbitration for Sport Ad Hoc Division has issued its first decisions at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic ...
| John Shea

New Precedent Set For Withholding/Editing Content From Regulatory Decisions? - The FA v Marc Bola

An FA Regulatory Commission made by Middlesbrough footballer, Marc Bola (Player), to edit the content of its Written ...
Digital football player
| Kim Roberts

Legal Rights In Performance Data: Why Athletes Need To Dig Down For Data Mining

Professional athletes are used to leveraging the law to protect themselves, whether that is their likeness, name, fin...
Motorbike Racer
| Joel Wallace

Pitfalls Of Sports Federations Playing Judge, Jury & Executioner - A Review Of Turk V FIM

“Fairness, inclusion, unity and transparency” are a declared part of The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme’s ...
| Harry Stewart-Moore

Personal Injury in Horseracing: Court Finds Jockey Guilty of Reckless Disregard For Safety

On 31 October 2016 four jockeys fell from their horses at approximately the midway point of the 3.20 race at Kempton ...
Player kicking soccer ball with Nigerian flag in background
| Osondu C. Nwokoro* and Chukwuebuka Kenneth Eze

Why Nigerian football needs responsible communication between stakeholders to flourish

This article explores the need for better and more responsible communication between football clubs and officials of ...
AC Milan's headquarters
| Simon Casinador & Niall Lavery

EUIPO 2 : AC Milan 0 - AC Milan Fails To Register Its New Club Crest In EU Trade Mark Case

AC Milan are one of Europe’s most decorated football clubs with seven European Cup/Champions League titles and 18 Ser...
Horse Rider
| Luc M. Schelstraete, Piotr M. Wawrzyniak, Sophia Elderson Nosti

Can Sports Federations Retroactively Cancel Olympic Qualifying Competitions? A Review Of Karlsson V FEI

For most of us, the idea of taking part in the Olympics is just an unattainable dream. For the few who have a real ch...

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