Man holding trademark symbol

The Lifecycle Of An International Athlete - Dealing With Branding And Image Rights

This blog in our series for international athletes explains the key legal points on image rights and trade marks to consider when coming to compete in the UK. For athletes and ...

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Chris Chase

Sports Lawyer In Spotlight: Christopher Chase

For this week’s edition of Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight, we interviewed Christopher Chase who is a partner at Frank...
Batsman thumping chest

Can sports formats be protected by copyright law?

On the 19th of January, 2022, the High Court of Delhi provisionally ruled upon a claim of copyright, vis a ...

Panel Summary - Commercialising Digital Assets: Opportunities & Threats From New Digital Revenue Streams for NFTs

Football clubs are interested in exploring new revenue streams, particularly in response to the league shutdowns and ...
Formula One 2022 car

A Guide To How Trade Marks Work In Formula One®

In the UK, a trade mark can be protected if it is capable of distinguishing the specific goods/services covered from ...
AC Milan's headquarters

EUIPO 2 : AC Milan 0 - AC Milan Fails To Register Its New Club Crest In EU Trade Mark Case

AC Milan are one of Europe’s most decorated football clubs with seven European Cup/Champions League titles and 18 Ser...
Athlete giving autograph to child

Athlete Brand Ambassadors: Do's And Don'ts for Sponsors

Sports stars and brands have benefitted from lucrative partnerships for decades and the collaboration provides signif...
Old Trafford

Sega’s Battle Against Man Utd In Football Manager Trade Mark Case Ends In Settlement

In August 2018, Manchester United FC brought trade mark infringement proceedings in the Business and Property Courts ...
Fans celebrating

Fan Tokens And The Sport Industry: Key Legal And Commercial Risks

What do the Caribbean Premier League, FC Barcelona, Everton FC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the Asto...

Cultivating Culture Through Commoditisation: Why NFTs Present An Unparalleled Opportunity For The Sports Sector

In 2019, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) partnered w...
NBA Match Ceremony

The NBA Lawyers’ Business, Part 2: Music Synch Licensing

An NBA game is a form of entertainment that consists mostly, but not entirely, of people playing basketball. Other co...
Wrestler down in ring

Controlling athletes' trademarks: What can sports learn from WWE's trademark ownership?

In the U.S., trademark[1] rights attach when a word, phrase, or symbol is used in commerce to identify its goods or s...

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