Andrew Smith

Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is a barrister at 11KBW Chambers in London. He practises principally in the fields of employment and discrimination law, sports law and commercial law. He is regul...

LawInSport Podcast

Private Equity Trends
| Stuart Hatcher

An analysis of the trends of private equity investment in sport

With the news that Liverpool FC has been put up for sale by its owners (or at the least ready to take on new sharehol...
Ecuadorian Footballer
| Joshua Easterbrook

Ecuador’s World Cup Player Eligibility Fight – A Review Of The Byron Castillo Case

The FIFA Men’s World Cup got underway on Sunday 20 November 2022, when Ecuador beat the host nation, Qatar, in the op...
Substances of abuse
| Rustam Sethna and Xabier Lopez Hervas

What are the key changes to WADA’s Prohibited List 2023?

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Executive Committee approved the 2023 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods...
Rugby Climate
| Ted Powell, Thomas Barnard

How sport can use the UN Climate Change Framework to achieve a geener future

Climate change is an immensely important issue for our generation. Sports organisations (such as clubs, governin...
Celebrating Athlete
| Jeremy Clarke-Williams

The Lifecycle Of An International Athlete – Protecting Your Reputation

The reputation of an athlete is a precious but fragile thing. It is usually established, at least initially, largely ...
Education City Stadium
| Magdalena Pusso & Gastón Pisni

FIFA Intellectual Property Rights Guidelines on the FIFA World Cup 2022®

The FIFA World Cup is the world’s largest single sport event and one of the most watched competitions worldwide. FIFA...
Brazillian Football Boy
| Felix Vetter and Reecha Patel

Investing In Brazilian Football – Opportunities & Risks Under The New Legal Regime

Brazil, “o país do futebol”, is arguably the country most synonymous with football. Yet despite the national team’s c...
| David Cakebread & Brinsley Dresden

Why BrewDog’s ‘Anti-Sponsoring’ World Cup Campaign May Land Them In Trouble

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup now less than a week away, the minds of the football-watching public are turning to Qata...
Football match
| Liz Coley

Amendments to the FIFA RSTP: Regulations Introduced For Trials Of Footballers

Clubs will no doubt be aware of the recently circulated October 2022 amendments to the FIFA Regulations on the Status...
Fans celebrating
| Tom Mountford

World Cup Qatar 2022 - Why The UK Government’s Advice To LGBT+ Fans Could Put Them At Risk

In under a week, Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. As English and Welsh football fans prepare to travel to Qat...

Womens Football
| Erin Kidd, Habib Saeed and Steve Bainbridge
Improving Diversity, Equity & Inclusion In Sport – Lessons From Australia & UAE
Ukrainian Football Fan
| Stephen Taylor-Heath and Jemma Fleetwood.
Pitch In For Ukraine: How Charitable NFT Projects Work & The Role Of The Fiscal Sponsor
Rugby Player
| Sam Kennerley, Charlie Spink, William Smith
Financial Woes: What Worcester Warriors & London Wasps' Struggles Mean For English Rugby
Shareholders Agreement
| Gwendoline Davies, Lynsey Oakdene, Louise Norbury-Robinson and Rebecca Riding
Unfair Prejudice Claims: How The Cardiff City FC Shareholder Dispute Unfolded
Sports Lawyer in the Spotlight -  Farai Razano
| Manan Agrawal
Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight: Farai Razano
Mexican Flag in Stadium
| Marco A Alemán Alva
How Professional Football Clubs Are Governed In Mexico
French Flag Football
| Christophe Bertrand, Clémence Picard
How Professional Football Clubs Are Incorporated & Governed In France
Image of phone with crypto coins
| Felix Vetter and Connor Delaney
The Rise Of Crypto Sponsors In Sport - How Football Is Hedging Its Bets
| Mark Santer
Metaverses – A Brave New World for Sports Brands?
Indian cricket player on Indian flag design in background
| Roshan Gopalakrishna; R. Seshank Shekar; Harsh Malpani
Negotiating athlete endorsement agreements in India
China Scales
| Gong Xiaoyan, Liu Jiahe, Song Xiaoyan, Guo Jingyu
How Sports Arbitration Is Evolving In China - The New 2023 Sports Arbitration Law
Football Stadium
| Jamie Curle (Partner), Chris Morris (Legal Director), Katherine Roe (Associate) (DLA)
Summary Judgements & Force Majeure: How The Premier League Recovered $213mn From PPLive
| Hugo Plowman, Philippa Rees, Olivia Woodhead
Freezing Orders: A Landmark New Judgement On NFTs From UK Courts
Horse Race Betting
| Benjamin Fellows, Gajendran Balachandran
Betting Errors – Paddy Power Case Highlights Importance Of Fair Exclusion Clauses
Rugby Scrum
| Nick McQueen, Adam Melling and India Seaton
Not A Level Playing Field: Drafting And Interpreting Force Majeure Clauses Post Covid-19
| Guo Cai, Jeff Benz
Annual Review on Sports Dispute Resolution in China
Woman playing tennis
| Pete Hackleton & James Taylor
A Guide To UK Tax Rules For Overseas Sports Stars
Football Player
| José Francisco Manssur, Tiago Gomes, Beatriz Ponzoni Junqueira, Carla Guttilla Lacerda
Key Strategies For Investors In Brazilian Football
FIFA RSTP Commentary 2021
| Siddarth Gossain
Your Guide To FIFA’s Commentary On The RSTP
| José Francisco Manssur, Tiago Gomes, Beatriz Ponzoni Junqueira, Carla Guttilla Lacerda
Why Brazil’s New Football Corporations Law may change club football?
| Richard Brand, Amy Salomon McFarland, Megan A Rzonca
Ohio State University Trademark “THE” – Their Sports Rallying Cry
Show Jumper Horse
| Luc Schelstraete, Piotr Wawrzyniak, Sophia
How The 2022 EU VAT Directive Affects The Equestrian Sector
Rugby Player
| Craig Giles, Thomas Oster, Amy Cole
Broadcasting Tenders: How Rugby World Cup Beat A Competition Law Challenge
Spanish football flag
| Álvaro Martínez San Segundo, Eduardo Oliver García, Ángel Chavarría Romero
The Requirements For Investing, Owning And Running A Professional Football Club In Spain (LaLiga)
Upset Footballer
| Stephen Taylor Heath (Head of Sports Law at JMW Solicitors)
‘Fouls’ Off The Field of Play – Key Considerations For Athletes, Clubs & Sponsors
Woman writing article
| Chris Bond, Will Quaranta
How To Raise Your Legal Profile Through Writing Articles
Upset Footballer
| Jo Edwards, Amanda Sandys (Forsters)
Staying On Track: How To Protect Athletes From The Impact Of Family Breakdown
Data Graphic
| Ignacio Triguero, Juan Alfonso Prieto Huang
Why Did The Royal Spanish Football Federation Get Fined For Releasing A Zoom Recording?
ESG Blocks
| Gino Murugesan, Matt Evans
How To Approach ‘ESG Criteria’ When Hosting Major Sports Events
Footballer kicking football and sparks flying
| Jamie Andrew, Laia Bertran Manye, Will Hanway
A Guide To Using young people's data in sport
Mark Howell
| LawInSport
Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight: Mark Hovell
Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight
| LawInSport
Sports Lawyer In Spotlight: Lindsay Brandon
Skeleton Sport
| Martin Ross and Mark Lebbon
A Summary Of CAS Decisions At The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games
Football and covid mask
| Abhinav Srivastava & Shubham Jain
What Tournament Organisers Can Learn From India’s AFC Women’s Cup Exit
Formula One 2022 car
| Nicholas Buckland & Ella Nawaro
A Guide To How Trade Marks Work In Formula One®
High Jump
| Katie Fudakowski and Rachel Nolloth
Safeguarding Athletes: Why World Athletics' New Policy Raises The Bar
Player kicking soccer ball with Nigerian flag in background
| Osondu C. Nwokoro* and Chukwuebuka Kenneth Eze
Why Nigerian football needs responsible communication between stakeholders to flourish
Horse Rider
| Luc M. Schelstraete, Piotr M. Wawrzyniak, Sophia Elderson Nosti
Can Sports Federations Retroactively Cancel Olympic Qualifying Competitions? A Review Of Karlsson V FEI
Football Boots With Flags of National Teams
| Yeva Agayan, Ben Trust, Steven Corney & Alex Tubbs
How FIFA's International Call-Up Rules Are Being Applied During the Pandemic
American footballer attempting field goal
| The uncertain future of the NCAA post Alston – Federal v State Legislation v Conference Guidelines
The uncertain future of the NCAA post Alston – Federal v State Legislation v Conference Guidelines
Cricket ball resting on a bat
| Seth Roe and Ellie Sergeant
The Azeem Rafiq Case: How Sports Can Better Tackle Player Discrimination
Women Footballer's Celebrating
| Andrew Visnovsky and Manali Kulkarni
How Will FIFA's New Maternity Benefits Rules Impact U.S. Women's Soccer?
Athlete giving autograph to child
| Simon Casinader
Athlete Brand Ambassadors: Do's And Don'ts for Sponsors
Referee separating two football players
| Siddharth Gossain, Alejandro Campos
Player contracts, liquidated damages & the principle of reciprocity at FIFA & CAS
NBA Match In Stadium
| Vered Yakovee & Kate Hardy
The NBA Lawyers’ Business, Part 1: Alcohol Beverage Sponsors
How to network in sports law
| Mackenzie Rastello & Sean Cottrell
Summary on How to Build Your Network in the Sports Field
Wrestler down in ring
| Joy J. Wildes, Claudia G. Cohen, and Andrew J. Richman
Controlling athletes' trademarks: What can sports learn from WWE's trademark ownership?
| Alex Haffner, Thomas Edwards
What is the "black-out" rule in football and is it lawful?
Infringement painted in word cloud
| Brian O'Neill QC and Rosalia Myttas-Perris
Trade Mark Infringement: How UK’s New Sentencing Guidelines Benefit Sports Organisations
| Parvati Bhat and Abhinav Shrivastava
The Legal Recognition Of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) In India
Team meeting
| Tabitha Juster? & Serena Nicholls
Covid-19: Strategies for UK sports organisations preparing for end of furlough
football match
| Daniel Geey, Alex Harvey
Football transfers: Buy-Back Clauses explained
Chequered Flag Waved
| Anshul Ramesh
What Happens When Drivers Ignore Flags In Formula One?
Football stacked on piles of money
| Michael Savva and Stuart Bolton
How Leagues And Football Club Groups Are Leveraging Equity Finance
Business man standing on a football
| Michael Savva and Stuart Bolton
Why Do Football Clubs Raise Finance And Who Are The Main Investors?
Red formula one car leaving the pit stop
| Simon Casinader, Niall Lavery
How Patents & Trade Secrets Are Utilised In Motorsport
Little boy playing video game
| Robert Lewis, Shulamit Aberbach and Andrew Cooke
Why esports must adopt a child-first culture to protect participants and the industry
Aerial shot of stadium
| Michael Savva and Stuart Bolton
How Do "Buy Out" Takeovers Of Football Clubs Work?
| Shannon Donnelly, Jennifer Connolly
Key UK Travel & Immigration Rules For The Sports Industry During Covid-19
Mobile betting on football match
| Alastair Campbell
A Data Analysis Of Outcomes In FA Betting Cases
Aerial view of Olympic Stadium in twilight
| Martin Ross, Mark Lebbon
A Summary Of CAS Decisions At The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Woman running with data screen
| Jennifer Mbaluto, Jamie Andrew, William Hanway
Player Power v Data Monetisation – A New Battleground In Sport
Title image - Footballer kicking the ball
| Dwayne Bach, Sinziana Ianc
Are Team Salary Caps In Football Compatible With EU Law?
Brazil players and coaches huddled around to discuss strategy
| Roberto de Palma Barracco, Pedro Henrique Mendonça
How Brazil’s new “two coach” rule for league football works
Football Finance - Debt Financing Image
| Michael Savva and Stuart Bolton
A Guide To Financing Football Clubs: Part 1 – Debt Finance
Laptop Screen Showing Players Playing Football
| Conor Hume; Ansgar Fassbender, Dr. Joseph Fesenmair
Sports Technology And Media Rights - The Year In Review 2020/2021
The skytree tower is illuminated at night announcing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
| Luka Krsljanin, Ted Powell and Thomas Barnard
Political protests in sport – Athletes’ rights and duties at Tokyo 2020 Olympics
| Patrick Ashby, Anna Gooding, Max Blinder-Acenal
The NCAA College Basketball Bribery Scandal: The Scheme that Continues to Shake Collegiate Sports
Picture of the Japan Olympic Museum
| Alex Kelham, Nick Buckland, Annabel Lindsay, Elyssia White, Anna Caruso, Chris Rycroft
Sport and intellectual property – the year in review 2020/21
Two Wrestlers Wrestling Each Other
| Sinziana Ianc, Tobias Rump, Colin Sroka
German Court ends the anti-trust fight between rival Wrestling Federations
Image of empty stadium with blue seats
| Benoît Keane, Ben Foster
Sport and competition law – the year in review 2020/21

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