Why the Competition Appeal Tribunal refused Football DataCo’s application to transfer Sportradar’s claim to the High Court

The Competition Appeal Tribunal recently handed down its Judgment[1] refusing the application by the First Defendant, Football DataCo[2], to transfer Sportradar’s comp...

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Rugby Player Diving

How rugby union is responding to Covid-19: a legal update

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a plethora of legal and administrative hurdles for sport worldwide, and rugby union...
Rugby Union

Salary cap upheaval in rugby union: Part 1 – the Saracens case

It has been tumultuous period for the salary cap in rugby union in England. Firstly there was the publication in Nove...

A full review of Man City v UEFA CAS Award – why this is not the end of FFP

The dispute between UEFA and Manchester City Football Club over the latter’s compliance with the former’s Financial F...

Why app-store commission is an antitrust issue for online games publishers

With an estimated global annual revenue of $1.5 billion in 2019, esports (or professional video gaming) was already a...

The duty to cooperate - questions arising from the Man City v UEFA decision

This article is written by Björn Hessert, University of Zurich.  By way of disclosure, Björn works as a research...

Lithuanian Competition Council investigates alleged collusion over basketball players’ pay

The Covid-19 crisis has forced sport clubs around the world to consider unprecedented measures in order to try to pro...
USA Soccer

A guide to the US models for Major League Soccer and United Soccer League

Many fans may not know that soccer has a long history in the United States. The first US soccer league was establishe...

Sport and competition law – the year in review 2019/20

Reviewing the competition law issues of the last year, one is struck by the realisation that many of the issues at st...
Winter Olympics

How Italy is tackling ambush marketing ahead of UEFA 2021 & 2026 Winter Olympics

How would you define the marketing strategy of surreptitiously promoting a brand within the context of a popular (mos...
Spain Footballer

State aid in Spanish football - EU General Court annuls European Commission decision on Valencia CF & Elche CF

Between 2009 and 2011, the Instituto Valenciano de Finanzas - the financial institution of the Region of Valencia in ...
Football Concept

COVID-19: 10 legal considerations of extending the football season in England

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused significant turmoil to sport globally and football in particular has a multitude ...

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