Running track

A comparison of changes made by international sports federations to the regulation of transgender women athletes

World Athletics has recently updated its Eligibility Regulations for Transgender Athletes (effective as of 31 March 2023) (the “World Athletics Regulations”) to prevent many tra...

Nepal Mountains

How Nepal Is Developing Its Laws Against Match Fixing

The concept of match fixing was unfamiliar to most people in Nepal until October 2015, when it was catapulted into the public consciousness due to a loophole in Nepalese legisla...
Football Stadium

Swiss Federal Tribunal examines limits on FIFA PSC jurisdiction in the Emiliano Sala case

This case (Swiss Federal Supreme Court ("SFT") Judgment 4A_420/2022 of March 30, 2023, Cardiff City FC v. SASP FC de Nantes[1]) relates to the international transfer of the Arge...
Gamer Room

USA judge rules that esports is not a sport under Title IX: What now?

In February, a federal district court judge in Orlando ruled that six Florida Institute of Technology (“FIT”) students ‒ former members of FIT’s terminated varsity rowing team ‒...
Doping Vials

An Update On The Eric Lira/Blessing Okabare Doping Case

In an earlier article, which can be read here1, this author wrote about the case of Eric Lira and Blessing Okabare. To summarize, Eric Lira provided performance-enhancing drugs ...
Man betting on phone

Advertising And Football’s 'Strong Appeal' To Children Rules - New ASA Case Provides Further Guidance

On 19 April 2023, the Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”) issued a ruling against BetVictor for featuring two professional footballers which was deemed to have a strong appe...
Basketball Player

How The Anti-Violence Against Women & Children Act Applies To Allegations Of Abuse In Philippine Basketball

Last year, on July 13, 2022, model and former courtside reporter Agatha Uvero accused her husband1 then Philippine Basketball Association player and former University of the Phi...

Understanding FIFA’s Agents’ Regulations - Experts’ Discussion

Approved by FIFA Council on 16 December 2022, the FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR) signaled a new era for agents internationally. The regulations of agents have ebbed and ...
American Football Stadium

What are grant of rights contracts in U.S. college football & their impact on the institutions

Nearly all major collegiate athletics conferences have a “Grant of Rights” (“GOR”) agreement with their respective American football-member institutions by which the latter gran...

Significant Changes to the Premier League's Owners and Directors Test

On 30 March 2023 the Premier League announced various changes to its Owners and Directors Test (“OADT”) which significantly expand its ambit.[1] The redraft of the OADT was publ...
Soccer Stadium

The European Sports Model As A Vindication For UEFA? Why The ECJ Is Likely To Deviate From Advocate General’s Opinion In The European Super League Case

“The Super League is dead, long live the Super League” – that seems to be the credo of the organisers of a possible Super League, who published their latest concept on 9 Februar...
Racing VR

Game On: Licensing Sports Content For Video Games

The way consumers engage with and consume entertainment content is constantly shifting, with recent trends showing a desire for more immersive, personalised experiences which ca...
Justice Ecuador

Meza V. Ecuador: The Challenges Of Bringing Human Rights Claims In Sporting Disputes

On September 9, 2021, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights1 (Commission or IACHR) filed the case of Juan Jose Meza vs. Ecuador2 before the Inter-American Court of Human...
Old Trafford

The Question Of Foreign Ownership In English Football – Assessing The Potential Manchester United Takeover

It may be a function of “always on” social media platforms, wall-to-wall sports reporting and the associated need to fill copy (and to some extent create “clickbait”), but it fe...
Sampdoria Fans

Fancy buying Sampdoria football club? A short guide to the Italian insolvency process & FIGC rules

The Italian football club U.C. SAMPDORIA S.p.A. (Sampdoria) is on sale and time is running out.1 Rumour has it that the deadline for the current protection against insolvency p...
Football Player Red

UEFA Home-Grown Player Rule EU Law Challenge – Royal Antwerp FC V Royal Belgian FA

EU law has played a leading role in the governance of football following the landmark Bosman ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).1 Almost 30 years ...
Swiss Law

2023 Swiss Law Update For International Sports Federations – Anti-Money Laundering Requirements & General Meetings

Substantial Swiss law amendments have entered into force in January 2023 potentially impacting the daily operations of International Sports Federations (IFs) that are incorporat...
Aussie Rules

The Future Of Footy And The Merits Of The Concussion Class Actions In The AFL

For fans of contact sports, the point of this article is direct, simple but stark: some of your childhood sporting heroes cannot now remember their own children’s names. The co...
Boxing Gloves

Anti-doping & boxing - Comparing the cases of Amir Khan and Connor Benn

Amir Khan being found guilty of two Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs), and given a two-year ban from sport, follows Conor Benn being charged for an anti-doping violation by UK...
Soccer Players

FIFA RSTP Updates (Nov 22 & Mar 23) - Academy Reporting & Flexible Transfer Windows

On 8 November 2022, FIFA announced certain amendments to the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP), which entered into force on 16 November 2022 (see: ci...

Premier League V Manchester City case – What do ‘good faith’ obligations really mean?

The widespread reporting in recent months of the alleged breaches by Manchester City FC (‘City’) of numerous Premier League Rules (‘Rules') has called for a fresh examination of...
Football Stadium

Will The “Fit And Proper Custodians” Test Improve English Football?

On 23 February 2023, the Government published its white paper on “A sustainable future – reforming club football governance” (White Paper).1 The White Paper sets out the governm...
Protecting Indias athletes

Protecting India’s Athletes - A Review Of Sexual Harassment Laws Following Wrestling Allegations

The sports fraternity in India was shaken in January 2023 when sexual harassment accusations were made against Mr. Brij Bhushan Singh, President of the Wrestling Federation of I...
Nepal Sport

An Introduction To The Nepalese Sports Law Market

Nepal, a small landlocked country located in the Himalayan mountains between India and China, has a rich culture of sports and physical activities. Sports have played a signific...
NFT crypto

Crypto In Sport - Key Legal Resources On NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Fan Tokens & The Metaverse

Crypto markets have grown significantly in recent years and penetrated the sports industry in a host of different ways. Most noticeably, perhaps, has been the enthusiastic produ...
LIV Golf v. PGA Tour and the Future of Professional Golf

LIV Golf v. PGA Tour and the Future of Professional Golf

The staid world of professional golf was upended in 2022 with the entry of LIV Golf, a circuit of invitational tournaments featuring both individual and team play. Financed by t...
Music & NFTs

Could Spotify's integration of NFTs inspire sports businesses to embrace NFT technology?

NFTs have had a tumultuous year, with major players[1] pulling back from integrating the web3 technology due to macro-economic conditions, high-profile exchange collapses[2], an...
Girl Playing Football Video Game

In-Game Advertising: Opportunities & Key Issues For Video Games & Esports

As the video game industry, and the associated esports industry, continues to expand, publishers are seeking new ways to monetise advertising opportunities. This article discuss...

Can Russian Athletes Still Participate In The 2024 Paris Olympic Games?

This article examines the Olympic Games qualification system for several marquee sports and analyzes whether there is still a chance for Russian athletes to compete in the 2024 ...
Airplane and ship

Why non-EU footballers may struggle to secure a UK visa for club trials

Football players, and sportspersons, from outside the UK can face difficulties securing a visa to allow them to enter the UK and attend a closed door trial with a prof...
Press Court

Transparent reporting in family law and its impact on sports stars

We have all seen the sensationalist headlines when a high-profile sports personality’s marriage or relationship breaks down[1]. Until very recently, the right of media entry in...

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