Title image of football player - Sports law in 2021 – key issues to watch in South America

Sports law in 2021 – key issues to watch in South America

Here are the top sports law issues to watch out for in 2021 from South America from the LawInSport Editorial Board.  Contributors: Pablo Mettroz Holley - The schol...

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Esports Team

Esports and tax: how the OECD Model Tax Convention applies to players’ income

Esports are turning from a social phenomenon into a real industry, raising in parallel complex legal and tax issues. ...

Why ‘industry status’ could boost sport in India

Over the past many years, India has been celebrated as a powerhouse of cricketing talent, consistently producing some...
Australian Sport

COVID-19: a guide to Australia’s main legal changes for sporting organisations

The COVID-19 pandemic has had, and will continue to have, a major impact on sport in Australia.  Competitions an...

A guide to Hungary’s new legal framework for international sports federations

In Hungary, the legislative framework for sports is set out in Act I of 2004 on Sports (the Sports Act), which contai...
Football Players

Italian tax: the continuing investigations into agents’ fees paid by football clubs (2020 update)

The topic of agents’ fees continues to give rise to notable tax disputes in Italy. Since the author’s last article in...

Insuring student-athletes: what are the federal income tax implications of schools buying disability policies?

Over the past few years, more and more colleges and universities have been doling out tens of thousands of dollars to...
Italy Football

How footballers transferring to Italy can benefit from the country’s new income tax regime for sportspersons

Italy has recently introduced attractive tax measures aimed at fostering professional sports. In particular, the so c...

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