Football Stadium

Independent Report on the UEFA Champions League Final 2022: Lessons for Venue Owners & Event Operators

The events of 28 May 2022 as Liverpool FC (“LFC") prepared to play Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League Final in Paris (“UCLF22”) have been independently investigated by UEF...

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Gavel on Currency Notes

Swiss Federal Tribunal Rules That Sporting Succession Is Compatible With Public Policy

The concept of sporting succession – in a nutshell, the obligation of a club succeeding a bankrupt club to settle the...
Sports Lawyer

Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight: Jirí Janák

Jiří Janák is a former Czech racing driver who raced in the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany and the Porsche Supercup, amo...
Cricket Equipment

Clothing & Equipment Regulations In Professional Cricket: Insights From The Indian Premier League

Clothing and equipment are an indispensable aspect of cricket, but its regulation is more complex than meets the eye ...
Grassroots Sports

How The UAE Is Legislating To Promote Grassroots Sports

The UAE government has always placed a strong emphasis on physical education for Emirati and expat youth and as early...
Football & Fan Tokens – What Potential UK Financial Regulation Could Mean For Sports Clubs

Football & Fan Tokens – What Potential UK Financial Regulation Could Mean For Sports Clubs

The UK Treasury has recently published a consultation paper which proposes extensive changes to the regulation of cry...
Sport And Governance - The Year In Review 2022

Sport And Governance - The Year In Review 2022

Welcome to the governance chapter of the LawInSport Yearbook 2022.  This chapter examines key issues in sports a...
Ankura Event Recap

Takeaways from Sports Governance, Compliance, and Investigations Workshop & Seminar

On 25-26 January 2023, LawInSport had the pleasure of supporting Ankura, one of our member organisations, in hosting ...
European Union

A Guide To The EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation And What It Means For Sport

The apparent lack of interest, or the alleged difficulties, by football-governing bodies (with the recent exception o...

The pros & cons of setting up a sports organisation as a charity

In December 2022 it was announced that Brighton Marathon 2023 would, after much uncertainty go ahead as planned in Ap...
Indian Football

Why FIFA Banned The All India Football Federation & What It Means

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) found itself at the center of a storm in 2022 when FIFA imposed a ban on it ...
Rugby Player

How Does Rugby Regulate Multi-Club Ownership

The trend of multi-club ownership has experienced rapid growth in the sports industry over the past two decades. Nota...

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