Andrew Smith

Sports Lawyer In The Spotlight: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is a barrister at 11KBW Chambers in London. He practises principally in the fields of employment and discrimination law, sports law and commercial law. He is regul...

LawInSport Podcast

Ecuadorian Footballer

Ecuador’s World Cup Player Eligibility Fight – A Review Of The Byron Castillo Case

The FIFA Men’s World Cup got underway on Sunday 20 November 2022, when Ecuador beat the host nation, Qatar, in the op...
Substances of abuse

What are the key changes to WADA’s Prohibited List 2023?

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Executive Committee approved the 2023 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods...
Rugby Climate

How sport can use the UN Climate Change Framework to achieve a geener future

Climate change is an immensely important issue for our generation. Sports organisations (such as clubs, governin...
Celebrating Athlete

The Lifecycle Of An International Athlete – Protecting Your Reputation

The reputation of an athlete is a precious but fragile thing. It is usually established, at least initially, largely ...
Brazillian Football Boy

Investing In Brazilian Football – Opportunities & Risks Under The New Legal Regime

Brazil, “o país do futebol”, is arguably the country most synonymous with football. Yet despite the national team’s c...

Why BrewDog’s ‘Anti-Sponsoring’ World Cup Campaign May Land Them In Trouble

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup now less than a week away, the minds of the football-watching public are turning to Qata...
Football match

Amendments to the FIFA RSTP: Regulations Introduced For Trials Of Footballers

Clubs will no doubt be aware of the recently circulated October 2022 amendments to the FIFA Regulations on the Status...
Fans celebrating

World Cup Qatar 2022 - Why The UK Government’s Advice To LGBT+ Fans Could Put Them At Risk

In under a week, Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. As English and Welsh football fans prepare to travel to Qat...

How Have The Pitch Invasions At Everton & Manchester City Been Dealt By The FA?

In June the author wrote an article on LawInSport[1] exploring the Football Association’s (The FA) regulations in rel...

A Introduction To Japanese Law On NFTs & The Metaverse

Major changes in people’s lives and economic activities may happen in the near future due to the development of the m...
Spanish cyclists going up a hill

Fighting Doping In Sport: How Spain's Bureaucracy Is Undermining The Athlete Biological Passport

The introduction of World-Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) has been a significant tool in ...

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