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The Global Master in International Sports Law is aimed and focused for professionals that are not able to attend a full time, one year long program. Students of this Master come from Law, Business Administration, and Economics backgrounds, who want to acquire practical and work oriented knowledge in the field of International Sports Law and Sport Management.

ISDE’s philosophy is not only to acquire the most up to date knowledge on Sports Law, but to acquire the skills that will help them to reach their professional goals, as well as a professional network within the industry.

To do so, our faculty is composed of the most relevant lecturers in the Sports Law and Management sector. Their commitment in making this program the best online master in sports law and management is the guarantee of its unparalleled excellence.

Due to the fact that this program will be offered to professionals with ongoing activities, the training will be carried out by correspondence and on an online basis. However, within the term of the program, three encounters will take place in Madrid for a period lasting three days during weekends.

Online Learning

Online learning can provide learning outcomes that are comparable or even superior to those of conventional educational formats, as it is proved that on executive programs the students, which already have professional experience, work better when self-directed, as they are shaped by the accumulation of authentic personal experiences. Given their goal-oriented approach to learning and an ever more crowded personal calendar, a self-paced asynchronous design has proven to be a most effective instructional approach for online course formats.

This means that given the right tools and with the teachers playing a key role, the online methodology complemented by the encounters taking place in Madrid will produce the perfect combination to provide the students with the knowledge and skills they aimed to reach when they joined the Master.

Each student will have a personal code with which they will access the classes on the website. The different classes are scheduled to be posted on-line every two weeks with the specific directions given by the lecturer, specifying the deadline for the students to send their practical cases, essays or exams.

During the two weeks, the student will read the documents and prepare the practical case or any other requests made by the professor.

In-person learning encounters in Madrid

As indicated previously, within the terms of the master three encounters will take place in Madrid for a period not lasting more than three days during weekends.

The first one will take place at the beginning of the program. It will consist of a welcome ceremony as well as to explain the administrative instructions and an initial presentation on the first topic.

The second meeting will take place mid-way. It will cover the topic which will be studied in that particular month.

The third one will take place at the end of the program and will serve as a closing session.

Full information on the program 

For further details on the program, please see ISDE's website here


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