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Sarah MacDonald

Partner, Working at Wiggin LLP

Sarah provides commercial and regulatory advice in relation to the distribution of content across a variety of platforms, including traditional television broadcasting and via digital means. Working for a range of content creators and aggregators, Sarah understands the needs of clients in the business of developing and acquiring sports content, as well as the complexities surrounding the exploitation of sports media rights and has negotiated deals with a variety of major rightsholders, in the UK and overseas. Sarah also advises on the technical arrangements required for the launch, hosting and operation of a range of media and online services, including live sporting events. 

During 2015, Sarah spent time working as Legal Counsel at Manchester United Football Club where she was involved in a range of commercial arrangements, including sponsorship, licensing and media distribution. Sarah also advises on advertising and commercial partnership arrangements, including the use of images and other IP in branding and merchandising.


  • Telephone: (0)20 7612 7718
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Sarah MacDonald

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