APAC MENA Sports Lawyers’ Roundtable: Inaugural Section – Practical Challenges in CAS Arbitrations

APAC MENA Sports Lawyers’ Roundtable

Inaugural Section – Practical Challenges in CAS Arbitrations

May 17, 2022    13:00 GMT        via Zoom

Join the APAC MENA Sports Lawyers’ Roundtable for its inaugural session to participate in an interactive discussion about challenges in CAS arbitrations and practical solutions.  Led by seasoned CAS arbitrators and experienced practitioners from 4 continents, this session will provide first-hand insights on issues frequently faced by non-European lawyers at the CAS and offer valuable resources to help lawyers overcome practical challenges.

Topics covered include:

  • Equal access to CAS (language, travel, connection issues)
  • Evidentiary issues
  • Selection of CAS arbitrators
  • Strategies surrounding the payment of CAS fees
  • Undue delays

The conversation will be led by the following experts.  Participates will have ample opportunities to join the discussion to share their own experiences and ask questions.


Roberto de Palma Barracco

CAS Arbitrator, Brazilian Soccer Association National Dispute Resolution Chamber Member & Head of Research, IBA Académie du Sport Vice President of the Board, FIVB Appeals Panel Member.

Dev Kumar Parmar

Principal Director of Parmars, CAS and FIFA advocate, FIFA Pro-bono Counsel, Football Foundation for Africa Advisory Board Member, Lagos E-Sports Forum Adviser, ISDE Academic Director.

Achta Mahamat Saleh

Former Director of Legal Affairs and Compliance of CAF, Former FIFA Players’ Status Department Counsel, Consultant Specializing in Business and Sports Law.

Takuya Yamazaki

CAS Arbitrator, FIFPRO Asia Chairman, World Players Association Board Member, Japan Sports Law Association Secretary General, Field-R Law Offices Managing Partner.


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