How to Become a Sports Lawyer - AMA

With over 10 years experience advising and supporting thousands of lawyers and sports executives around the world to help them develop their careers and client base this AMA (Ask Me Anything) with LawInSport's CEO Sean Cottrell and Editorial Director, Chris Bond is designed to help aspiring sports lawyers plan for the future and provide answers to remove barriers to their careers development. 

This session is not being recorded and will be under Chatham House Rule so attendees can be confident to ask the questions they need answers too. 


  1. The business of sports law
  2. Sports law career options
  3. Education
  4. Building a network
  5. Building a profile through research and writing
  6. Gaining work experience

For those of you who are more advanced in your career journey we are hosting a further session later in the day on 'How To Develop Your Career As Sports Lawyer' at 4.30pm GMT. 


If you have any questions in advance of the panel submit them here

Background materials

Here are some helpful reference materials to help you get the most from the session:

  1. Top 10 tips on how to become a sports lawyer and provide advice on how to plan out a successful career path;
  2. Becoming Sports Lawyer: An Interview With LawInSport Mentee Daniel Kelly
  3. Becoming A Sports Lawyer: LawInSport Mentee Journal - Emily Ablitt

Event Properties

Event Date 03-03-2021 15:00
Event End Date 03-03-2021 16:00
Individual Price Open Access

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