Can a lawyer be part of a cheaper and more creative solution to player representation?

Published 21 December 2011 By: Iain Taker

Official figures released by the Premier League of the fees paid by its 20 clubs payments to agents over the last year show that £71.8m was spent between 1 October 2010 and 30 September 2011. 

In addition the recent case of Proactive Sports Management Limited v Rooney, the levels of commission ‘earned’ by agents for arrangement of contracts (in this case image rights) returned to the public spotlight (for an analysis see this article). 


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Iain Taker

Iain Taker

Iain is a lawyer at Kemp Little LLP who specialises in commercial and sports law. You can follow him on LinkedIn or on Twitter (@iaintaker). An example of work Iain has been involved in is the recent shirt manufacture agreement between Warrior Sports and Liverpool.