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The integrity framework that can save the ‘Game Act’ & U.S. sports betting legalization - Episode 47

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

In this podcast Sean Cottrell, CEO of LawInSport hosts a discussion of the co-authors of the article 'The integrity framework that can save the ‘Game Act’ and serve as a model for U.S. sports betting legalization' Daniel L. Wallach, Kevin Carpenter Leigh Thompson.

The article suggests enhancements to the proposed bill called the Gaming Accountability and Modernization Enhancement Act (the “GAME Act”) that would repeal the federal prohibition against state-sanctioned sports gambling (under PASPA - The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), and allow states to legalize sports betting if appropriate consumer protections are in place.

The authors of this article draw on integrity frameworks from Great Britain, Australia and Europe to provide workable and test solutions to the issues deriving from the legalisation of sports betting.

The article can be viewed here on LawInSport:

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