Green wave of Wehdat fans highlights continued rise of basketball in Jordan

Green wave of Wehdat fans highlights continued rise of basketball in Jordan

AMMAN (Jordan) - Basketball has seen a significant rise recently in Jordan to become one of the most popular sports in the country. After the impressive achievements by the men's national team of playing in the FIBA Basketball World Cup for the first time in 2010 and again in 2019, the rise is not that big of a surprise.

As the level of play has advanced both in domestic and international play, a number of clubs have once again become active in the basketball scene. Among those clubs are the likes of Al Ahli, Al Orthodox, and well-known Al Wehdat.

Al Wehdat Sports Club is a Jordanian sports club founded in 1956. The club is based in and represents the Amman New Camp, a Palestinian refugee camp which is also known as Al Wehdat.

The "Mean Green Machine" of Al Wehdat has drawn attention not only at the regional level but also at the global level for enormous and devoted fanbase. Aside from rocking the venues with their cheering, the Wehdat fans are also known for their clever and colorfully painted banners that they use to cheer during games.

Behind the immense support of their followers, Wehdat were able to claim their first ever Jordanian Premier League title in this past season.

"Al Wehdat fans were the ones behind us winning the title," said Mahmoud Abdeen, playmaker and star of Wehdat and the national team. "The fans filling the stands with green is an indescribable and gratifying feeling. We can find them waiting outside of the venue 5-6 hours before the scheduled time and this feeling always motivates us to do our best for them, especially in tough games."

Wehdat fans' craze for their club is not limited for only on game day. Abdeen also pointed out their presence on social media where the fans are ready to engage with and share any content that supports their team. Abdeen's recent live talk with FIBA Asia Cup on Instagram was one of the most engaging sessions, most likely because of the Wehdat fans.

Former captain, Khaldoun Abu Ruqayyah, also concurred with Abdeen's comments on the effect the fans have always had on the team.

"I have never experienced fans like Al-Wehdat's fans," he said. "It was one of the reasons Wehdat succeeded in the Premier League last season. I hope that other clubs encourage their fans to [also] attend [the games] and enjoy this distinct atmosphere."

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