Counseling your clients in a crisis situation - conference & webcast

Published 28 November 2012

Counseling your clients in a crisis situation - conference & webcast

Lucentem Sport & Entertainment Law and The Sports Lawyers Association are sponsoring, Counseling Your Clients in a Crisis Situation. The program will take place on November 30th at the Law Society of Upper Canada and is now available through a live webcast.

The pervasiveness of the 24-hour news cycle has presented unprecedented challenges for high profile individuals and organizations. Our cultural obsession with controversy and scandal means that, at a moments notice, your client may be placed under the microscope. Unfortunately, managing these challenges are not covered in a manual.

The seminar will allow attorneys and organizational decision makers to have the opportunity to learn and ask questions from two veteran crisis management specialists. The speakers will cover topics such as, speaking to traditional media, social media messaging, responding to privacy breaches, and rebuilding your clients brand and reputation.

Join strategic corporate crisis management and communications specialist, Richard M. Nichols, and strategic communications specialist,Melinda Travis, as they review their high profile cases while offering specific and practical considerations when dealing with crisis situations.

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