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Gauthier Bouchat

Gauthier Bouchat

Gauthier Bouchat, Associate, Altius

Gauthier advices a wide range of Belgian and international clients on all aspects of sports law, including employment-related disputes, disciplinary proceedings and regulatory matters.

Before joining Altius, Gauthier worked for almost four years as a Legal Counsel for the Dispute Resolution Chamber and the Players’ Status Committee of FIFA. Through this experience, Gauthier has developed a special expertise in football employment-related matters and international transfer contracts. He also represented FIFA before the CAS on several occasions. Prior to this, Gauthier did an internship at the European Professional Football Leagues where he was involved in different projects related to good governance and economic development.

Gauthier graduated from the Université de Liège and has a Master of Laws. In 2013, he obtained an LL.M. at the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía in Madrid.

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