Sports Law 2012

Published 01 February 2012

15 March 2012, Law Society, London

Sport is now a multi- million pound industry but is still regulated in a very different way to other businesses. Issues of cheating, poor corporate governance, bribery and corruption are reported widely and can have expensive consequences for transgressors both in terms of reputation and sponsorship.

Communication is an important part of any business and social media is playing an increasing part in this, for  better or worse. However, many businesses are not keeping their HR practices up to date with developments in social media or learning how to monetise it.

While preparations for the 2012 Olympics are proceeding apace, legacy issues, disciplinary procedures and what will be perceived as ambush marketing remain unsettled.

The important recent decision in FAPL v Karen Murphy will have wide economic and legal implications and may shake up the way rights are bought. Our panel of expert speakers will analyse the consequences of this decision and clarify what would be constued to be an infringement of copyright.

With the taxation of non- resident players  hindering the competitiveness of the UK to hold international events and the taxation of image rights increasingly under scrutiny,  tax and tax planning tips will also form part of the agenda.

This one day event  covers key strategic issues and all the latest legal developments in one intensive day with guidance from the top players in sports law.

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