FC Viktoria Plzen (Direct Red Card; Throwing of objects; Stairways blocked; improper conduct of the team) Decision of 11 August 2017, UEFA Decision

Published 11 August 2017

Circumstances of the case

FC Viktoria Plzeň supporters blocked stairways in the North stand during the Match and a plastic cup was thrown onto the pitch by one of the club’s supporters in the North stand in the 78th minute of the Match. Also, the club’s player Krmencik Michal (the “Player”) was dismissed by the referee because he “hit with his arm using excessive force against the face of his opponent”. In addition, eight (8) yellow cards were issued to the Club’s players by the referee. In its statement, the club suggests that the throwing of objects was not serious and claims that the delegate’s report is confusing as regards the duration of the blocked stairways

Legal framework Article 16 (2) UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, Article 6 of the UEFA Anti-Doping Regulations


Regarding the red card, the CEDB noted that hitting an opponent in the face is obviously very dangerous and that Player was clearly reckless in his actions, which constitutes an assault (Art. 15 (1) (e) DR) and decided to punish the player with a three-match suspension. With regard to the throwing of objects and the blocking of stairways the CEDB noted that the club did not provide any evidence which would proof the inaccuracy of the official reports and thought, also taking into account the improper conduct of the team, that a fine of €28’000 is the appropriate sanction.

Chairman: Partl Thomas (AUT)


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