Linfield FC (Throwing of objects; field invasions by supporters), Decision of 20 July 2017, UEFA Decision

Published 20 July 2017

Circumstances of the case

In the 51st minute of the match between VPS Vaasa and Brøndby IF on 20 July 2017, the player Jan Kliment “[w]ith ball not in playing distance kicked the legs of the opponent player with violence” and was shown a red card by the referee for “violent conduct”. In its statement, the club presented an explanation from the player, stating that “[a]s I tried to run towards their goal, the opponent grabbed and held me for 3 seconds – and in the attempt to speed up I held my arm out and he fell to the ground”.

Legal framework Article 15 (1) (e) UEFA Disciplinary Regulations


The CEDB noted that none of the evidence provided by the club successfully rebuts this presumption of accuracy stipulated in Art. 45 DR. Indeed, the statement from the player does not even address the kick to his opponent. Based on the referee’s report, this is a clear case of the player trying to physically harm his opponent. Consequently, the CEDB decided that player’s behaviour during the Match constituted assault under the terms of Article 15 (1) (e) DR and needs to be punished with a three match suspension.

Chairman: PArtl Thomas (AUT)


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