Sporting Clube de Portugal (Direct Red Card), Decision of 27 October 2017, UEFA Decision

Published 27 October 2017

Circumstances of the case

The player wearing number 10 of Sporting Clube de Portugal, Borges Cabral Jovane Eduardo, in the 63rd minute, after a foul of a player of Juventus while the player of Juventus was still on the ground trying to get up, slapped him with an open hand on the back of the head. The referee sent off Borges Cabral Jovane Eduardo for violent conduct.

Legal framework Article 15 (1) (e) UEFA Disciplinary Regulations.


The CEDB deems that this is a highly aggressive act, threatening serious injury. It has nothing to do with the game and is simply a hostile act of physical violence. Consequently, the act of the player who struck the opponent player in the back on his head as described by the referee constitutes assault under the terms of Article 15 (1) (e) DR and shall be punished accordingly, in this case, considering the circumstances of the case, with a three match suspension.

Chairman: Partl Thomas (AUT)

Vice-Chairman: Hansen Jim Stjerne (DEN)

Member: Antenen Jacques (SUI)


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