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The 2017 Macolin Anti-Doping Summit: A fresh look at the science, legal, and policy aspects of anti-doping


Friday morning: The “Science” aspect

10:00 Welcome address and introduction

  • Matthias Remund, Director, Swiss Office Federal du Sport (BASPO)

  • Prof. Antonio Rigozzi, Partner, Levy Kaufmann-Kohler; Professor, University of Neuchâtel; Director, WADC Commentary Project

10:10 Session introduction

  • Session chair : Prof. Martial Saugy, Director, Center of Research and Expertise in Anti-Doping Sciences, University of Lausanne

10:15 Joint session: How to make better use of experts in doping matters

  • A scientist’s perspective, Prof. David Cowan, Co-Founder and Director, Drug Control Centre, King’s College London

  • A lawyer’s perspective, Dr. Marjolaine Viret, Associate, Bird & Bird

11:15 Coffee break

11:45 Panel discussion: Are anti-doping science and regulation keeping pace with doping ?

  • Moderator – Prof. Martial Saugy

  • Dr. Michel D’Hooghe, Member, FIFA council; Chairman, Medical Committee of FIFA and UEFA; Honorary President, Belgian Football Association

  • Dr. Matthias Kamber, Director, Antidoping Switzerland

  • Dr. Tiia Kuuranne, Director, Swiss laboratory for Doping Control Analyses

  • Dr. Peter Van Eenoo, Director, Doping Control Laboratory, Ghent University

12:30 Lunch


Friday afternoon : The “Legal” aspect

14:25 Session Introduction

  • Session chair : Michele Bernasconi, Partner, Bär & Karrer; CAS arbitrator

14:30 Shifting the focus from Testing to intelligence & investigations : Lessons learned

  • Mathieu Holz, Manager, Intelligence & Investigations, World Anti-Doping Agency

15:00 Problematic legal issues under the 2015 Code

  • Emily Wisnosky, Attorney, WADC Commentary Project; Judge, UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Legal issues with Minor Athletes under the Code

  • Herman Ram, Director, Anti-Doping Authority of the Netherlands

16:30 Addressing systematic failures within an anti-doping regime designed for individuals

  • Ulrich Haas, Professor, University of Zurich; CAS arbitrator

17:00 Panel discussion: Is the law killing anti-doping efforts ?

  • Moderator – Michele Bernasconi

  • Michael Beloff QC, Barrister, Blackstone Chambers, CAS Arbitrator

  • Mike Morgan, Partner, Morgan Sports Law

  • Brianna Quinn, Associate, Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler; BAT Arbitrator

  • Jacques Radoux, Legal secretary, European Court of Justice, CAS arbitrator

  • Mario Vigna, Deputy chief prosecutor, NADO Italia

18:00 Cocktail Hour

19:00 Dinner


Saturday morning: The “Policy” aspect

7:00 Nordic walking

9:00 Re-welcoming remarks

  • Prof. Sébastien Besson, Partner, Levy Kaufmann-Kohler; Professor, University of Neuchâtel

9:10 Session introduction

  • Session chair : Prof. Philippe Sands QC, University College London; Matrix Chambers; CAS Arbitrator

9:15 Overview of a current ethical challenge in anti-doping

  • Prof. Andy Miah, Professor and Chair, Science Communication and Future Media, University of Salford

9:45 Psychologic aspects of anti-doping: The decision to dope and the impact of getting caught

  • Dr. Mattia Piffaretti, Founder, AC&T Sport Consulting, Director of the WINDOP Project

10:15 Coffee Break

10:45 “Independence” of the anti-doping process: From the involvement of international federations to the role of CAS

  • Prof. Antonio Rigozzi

11:15 Athlete panel discussion : What can anti-doping learn from the athlete perspective ?

  • Moderator – Prof. Philippe Sands

  • Obadele Thompson, Olympic Medalist (100m); Associate, King & Spaulding

  • TBC

  • TBC

12:00 Panel discussion : Outlook for the future of anti-doping: Full speed ahead or back to square one ?

  • Moderator – Prof. Philippe Sands

  • Benjamin Cohen, Director, WADA European Regional Office and International Federations Relations

  • Dr. Paul Dimeo, Senior lecturer, School of Sport, University of Stirling

  • Prof. Bengt Kayser, Professor of physiology and Director, Institute of Sports Science, University of Lausanne

  • Prof. Denis Oswald, Director, International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES), IOC Member

  • Brian Cookson, President of the UCI, TBC

  • Chair of the Integrity Unit, IAAF

12:45 Closing remarks

  • Prof. Antonio Rigozzi

13:00 Lunch



The registration form and program details can be found here.

Registration deadline is 15 April 2017


Event Properties

Event Date 28-04-2017 10:00
Event End Date 29-04-2017 13:00
Location Swiss National Sports Centre
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