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2021 Tennis Anti-Corruption Program - Important Changes To Courtsiding & Inside Information Rules

2021 Tennis Anti-Corruption Program - Important Changes To Courtsiding & Inside Information Rules
Tuesday, 09 February 2021 By Björn Hessert

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA)[1] (previously called the Tennis Integrity Unit) is the anti-corruption body covering all of professional tennis.  It is responsible for preventing, investigating and prosecuting corrupt behaviour primarily related to betting and match fixing. This year, significant amendments have been made to its Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP)[2] by its stakeholders.[3]  One reason for the changes stems from the findings in the 2018 Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis  (the Lewis Report), which recommended making amendments to the provisions on inside information.[4] Additionally, the TIU had to deal with an increasing number of courtsiding cases in 2020.[5]

As the TACP is the backbone in the fight against competition manipulation in tennis, understanding the main changes is critical for tennis players, support personnel and the other persons who are subject to it (collectively referred to as “Covered Persons[6]).  Any contraventions may lead to sanctions including permanent ineligibility from the game. This article therefore examines the main changes, focusing on the following offences:

  • Providing inside information;
  • Courtsiding; and
  • Preventing reporting and preservation of evidence

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Written by

Björn Hessert

Björn Hessert

Björn is a research assistant at University of Zurich.  He has an LL.M. from the University of Melbourne.

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