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When I was approached by Sean Cottrell on behalf of LawInSport, to launch an argentine sports law blog I immediately accepted. I maintained my acceptance even after he warned he will "chase" me for regular updates of the blog.

In setting the aim and purposes of this blog we agreed that it shouldn't be merely a report of laws and cases from Argentina because that will only satisfy foreign readers curiosity about what is going on in Argentina. On the contrary, the idea of the blog is to present our perspective to issues and problems that are global for the sport industry.

One of the main critics we South Americans have towards the way sports rules are drafted and sports decisions are taken is the euro-centric view that (in our believe) dominates this decision making process.

For many reasons I think we (South Americans) also contribute to this situation by not presenting "our" view whenever there's a chance (distance, language are some of the excuses for that).

LawInSport offers us the place to present these views, and I have to say is not just "any" place. It is without doubts one of the most visited and highly reputed sports law resource worldwide.

So in the future, this Argentine sports law blog will certainly evolve to a South American sports law blog with contributions of many authors ?from the region. This will increase the scope of the opinions and elevate the level of the blog.

I hope you all enjoy the blog.

Ariel Reck

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