The 25 man squad rule (part two): what can the 26th man do?

Published 04 March 2012 By: Darryl Taylor

At the start of the 2010/11 Barclays Premier League season, a significant rule was introduced that could have important legal consequences within English football. The Premier League Handbook 2010/11 (Section L) introduced a rule which stated that each Premier League club must submit a Squad List of 25 players. Any players deemed surplus to requirements and who were omitted from the Squad List would not be able to play in any Premier League games until at least the next transfer window.


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Darryl Taylor

Darryl Taylor

Darryl is currently a trainee solicitor at Squire Sanders (UK) LLP. In his time at the firm, Darryl has been involved with the provision of advice on sporting regulations and has also assisted in a wide range of litigious matters, including various high-profile doping defences.

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