Sports governance - the year in review 2018/19

Published 24 May 2019 By: Tom Bruce


In a rapidly changing world, sport is increasingly subjected to technological, socio-economic and geo-political developments. This presents significant challenges but also great opportunities and those that govern sport must anticipate and respond to those challenges and opportunities head on.1

In this article, we reflect on some of the major governance events, and significant themes, of the last twelve months both in the UK and on the world stage, as the involvement of both public authorities and private interests in sport continues to disrupt traditional governance models.

Looking forward, we then consider how sports governance will need to adapt to keep pace with developments in new formats, technology and the standards of governance and integrity expected of domestic and international federations.


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Tom Bruce

Tom Bruce

Partner and Deputy-Head of Sports - Farrer & Co

Tom is an experienced sports lawyer known for his personable approach and outstanding client service. 

Tom is embedded in the sports sector and works closely with sports clients on a wide range of corporate, commercial and governance matters. He advises Governing Bodies, commercial sports organisations and clubs and is a "go-to" adviser for a number of high profile clients on governance matters (including the Code for Sports Governance), joint ventures and structuring international sporting events.

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