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iNADO feedback to the Review of WADA Governance Reforms

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The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO) has reviewed the second interim report of the Working Group (WG) on the review of WADA Governance Reforms and taken the opportunity to provide feedback in line with the considerations of adequate representation for those bound by the Code, independence in the decision-making process, transparency, and efficiency.

This feedback, which was shared with iNADO Members for their own consideration in view of a new consultation round, addressed the main areas contained in the report: Composition of the WADA Athlete Committee (AC), the Executive Committee (EC) and the Foundation Board (FB) which includes NADO representation. A summary of the feedback in each of these areas is provided below:

WADA Athlete Committee (AC)

iNADO continues to advocate for greater independent athlete voice, including through the involvement of player unions and associations to strengthen the representation of AC. Further, if one additional seat is available on the EC priority should be given to the WADA AC member.

Executive Committee (EC) and Foundation Board (FB)

Within the EC iNADO believes an increase in proportion of independent members (to six under the current number of seats of the EC) is necessary to strengthen the principles of independence and expertise. iNADO additionally calls for clarification on how the principle of diversity applies in general and to other stakeholders in relation to the composition of the EC.

The iNADO feedback to the WG continues to recommend the roles of the FB and EC should be clearly defined to prevent any conflict of interest and increase transparency. The EC should be strengthened as the organ in charge of executing the strategic activities and steering the organization. At the same time the FB should be strengthened in its regulatory function of WADA and as the supervisory authority (supervision, fundamental policy (WADA statues and governance, regulations, appointing of officials, and overall budget and funding).

NADO representation

NADOs inclusion on the FB would be a positive development as they conduct the largest portion of anti-doping work worldwide and are at the forefront of anti-doping. If the FB is to be representative of its stakeholders then these groups should determine who represents them and each representative should have voting rights. iNADO, an existent and independent association of NADOs, continues to offer support as an election resource to the Working Group and WADA.

iNADO appreciated very much the opportunity that we as well as all other stakeholders received on October 19 to provide suggestions to the Governance Review Working Group with the aim of strengthening WADA Governance.



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