Navigating the WADA prohibited list: catchalls and consistencies

Published 04 May 2013 By: Dr Ben Koh, Philip Gibbs

Igor Andreev drinking out of bottle

How far should the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list “catchall” phrases reach in the context of the control of the use of supplements and culturally/ethnically relevant "complementary and alternative medicines" (CAM)?  This article examines the potential inconsistency of the prohibited list, as a universally binding document, and the implications for athletes.


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Dr Ben Koh

Dr Ben Koh is a medical doctor with a Masters in Sports Medicine and a Masters in Psychology and has clinical and educational training in surgery, sports medicine, emergency medicine and critical care.

Philip Gibbs

Philip Gibbs

Philip is a barrister with over 20 years call specialising in Crime and Sports Law. Philip was recently co – counsel at the Court of Arbitration for Sport acting for Taekwondo Olympic gold medallist Mu Yen Chu and Chinese Taipei against the International Olympic Committee. 

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