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World match-fixing report and infographics

Match Fixing Final Map
Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sportradar’s Security Services have been detecting suspicious matches on behalf of its member sports federations for 10 years using their unparalleled and unique Fraud Detection System.

For the past eight months, Sportradar compiled a comprehensive overview of world match-fixing in sport. This Paper’s aim is to highlight the problem, suggest solutions and champion the idea of sports federations working with monitoring systems and law enforcement to combat match-fixing. Any case studies referenced in the Paper are based on publicly available information only.

Included below from the Paper are two graphics designed by Sportradar. The first, a map of world match-fixing in soccer, illustrates the breadth of the problem with match-fixing occurring on every continent. And these are just some of the stories that were documented in the media. The second graphic displays the ‘Asian System of bookmaking’. The ‘Agent Network’ is often misinterpreted in the media but now the direction of betting cash flow can clearly be seen – from the street all the way to the largest Asian bookmakers.

The full Paper can be downloaded here:

Match Fixing Final Map Hi res

Asian Agent System

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